Niloufar and Jeremy find love at 20,000 feet before their classic wedding

Wedding: 26/03/2017

Posted by Kate | 12 November, 2017

Niloufar never imagined sitting next to a stranger on a plane would lead to lasting love.

That stranger was Jeremy, and on the flight from LA to Melbourne they had plenty of time to get to know each other.

“The flight was delayed and then cancelled due to engine trouble, so we were both very tired,” Niloufar, 35, recalls.

“We happened to be seated next to each other on the plane, in a section that just had two seats. The flight delay was the topic of initial conversation between us. We then didn’t stop talking for the entire 17-hour flight, with just one hour of sleep. We had so much in common and suddenly realised we shared many interests and hobbies.”

The couple met up for dates back in Melbourne and quickly realised they had found “the one”.

Jeremy, 34, popped the question while the pair were on holiday in Hawaii and they began planning their classic wedding for March 26, 2017.

“Our wedding day was by the bay, at Sandringham Yacht Club,” Niloufar says. “We tried to keep it simple but special and elegant and just celebrate our love and make sure everyone had a good time.”

The couple cruised around the bay for photos, held a personalised Baha’i ceremony on the deck and celebrated their reception with their 86 guests at the same venue.

“The love we share and our special bond clearly permeated every aspect of the wedding,” Niloufar says.

“Our guests could feel this too. With very little formalities, everyone enjoyed the simplicity, elegance and romance of our wedding by the sun-kissed bay in Sandringham.”

Photos courtesy of Iain and Jo – We tell Love Stories.

Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_001 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_003


Niloufar chose three pairs of shoes from Shoes of Prey to ensure she stayed comfortable and could keep dancing all night.



Cala lilies, baby’s breath and blue hydrangea featured in Nilou’s bouquet by Thrive Flowers and Events.



Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_009 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_010


Magical Makeovers had Niloufar looking her most beautiful on the day with their hair and make-up skills.





Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_012 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_013


“We love everything about each other, including a love for science and philosophy, and a desire to learn, reflect grow and support each other on these endeavours. We also have a love for travel and adventure. We share many core values,” Niloufar says.




Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_018 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_020



The couple travelled in style courtesy of Triple R Luxury Car Hire.



Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_027 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_029


Iain & Jo were there to capture all the important bits!



Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_026 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_025




The Icing Artist created the couple’s three-tiered cake with nautical stripes, fitting for the bayside celebrations.



Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_038 Niloufar_Jeremy_Classic-Wedding_Iain-Jo_SBS_037
Featured Suppliers:

Bomboniere: DIY / Brides Accessories: Swarovski, Jeanette Maree / Brides Gown: Raffaele Ciuca / Brides Shoes: Shoes of Prey / Cake: The Icing Artist / Celebrant: Elizabeth Dere / Ceremony Music: Jullian Scheffer / Entertainment: Bruce Harrison DJ/MC / Flowers: Thrive Flowers & Events / Gift Registry: Wishing well / Grooms Attire: Rhodes & Beckett / Grooms Shoes: Aquila / Hair: Magical Makeovers / Honeymoon: Maldives / Invitations: A Tactile Perception / Lolly Buffet: DIY / Makeup: Magical Makeovers / Photographer: Iain and Jo | We tell love stories / Rings: Jewelery by Johan, ADC / Transport: Triple R Luxury Car Hire / Venue: Sandringham Yacht Club / Wedding Night Accommodation: Sofitel Melbourne / Wedding Planner: Sandringham Yacht Club

Photos courtesy of Iain and Jo - We tell Love Stories.