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Q: How much does the average wedding cake cost?

“Looking into costs and wondering how much they usually go for on average to serve 100 people.”

A: by Elegant Occasions

“The price of the cake depends on size and style. The more work it has the more it would cost. The size of the cake will depend on whether it is used as dessert or coffee slices. Obviously, if it is being used as a dessert it needs to be much bigger. However, you will save money on dessert at the venue (there may still be a small ‘plating’ charge by the venue).

I have found lately that the average price for a cake has been between $450 and $600.”

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding cake?

I am getting married in June 2018 and I think we’re going to opt for a cheese tower cake. How far in advance should I be booking the cake?”

A: by Lady Magdalene

“In my opinion, in order to get that special cake for your special day, I would recommend at least a good three to six months depending on who you’ve chosen and their ability to create your cake.”

Q: Can I have a display cake made to cut, and then serve a different cake?

“Is this a common thing?”

A: by Sweet House Cakes & Pastries

“Indeed you can. You can have your wedding display cake that you cut, and then you can have a completely different, undecorated cake to serve to your guests. This is particularly good if you prefer perishable fillings. They can be stored in the coolroom til serving and your cake can be served as dessert.”

Q: What’s an alternative to wedding cake?

“I’ve never been a fan of cake, but will people be disappointed if I don’t do a cake cutting part of the reception? What are the alternatives or am I best to stick with tradition?”

A: by Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

“You’re best to stick with whatever you’d like, my sweet! You could always have a small single tiered or two tiered cake for those who will most certainly expect cake, but perhaps a tower of rice crispie treats, or donuts, or something else for you and others that would prefer that. It’s your wedding – don’t let anyone tell you how to do it.”

Q: What kind of cake suits a boho theme?

A: by Kerryn Sweet Art Cakes

“A boho theme wedding cake would be a beautiful naked or semi naked cake (a smear of buttercream) with fresh flowers. Very natural, organic looking with assorted fresh flowers and foliage.”

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