How much does the average wedding cake cost?

Looking into costs and wondering how much they usually go for on average to serve 100 people.

Question Asked: 9/06/2017

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Nikos Cakes

(232) · Victoria

Posted: 27/07/2017

The price of a cake goes by the size and design, I can understand that there would be a budget in place.  We are happy to work with you and if there is a design you have in mind, this makes the process easier.  An approximate price for a cake to serve 100 people coffee portions starts from $390 and this includes 1 bunch of fresh flowers. 

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That's Delish Cakes

(3) · Servicing Perth - all surroundings

Posted: 3/07/2017

There is no set price guide that all cake decorators work from. Each business bases their pricing on their individual costs, overheads, employees, level of expertize etc. The less experienced cake maker may offer cheaper prices because they are just starting out and want to offer the business to build on their portfolio, you then have the home decorator who have less over heads then a shop front but then again their pricing is not based on a set rule, pricing is set by the individual based on their experience, their level of expertise, their level of demand, quality of their work etc, you then go to a shop front owned business who has higher overheads, they have employees and those that i know who have businesses they have built up their skill level to offer a product of high quality.

It is then up to you the customer to deside what you are willing to pay. 

One rule to know is that home cake businesses are required to have approval to be able to sell from their home kitchen. You should be asking if they have a shire approved kitchen and if they have insurance. It comes with heavy fines if they are caught selling a consumable product from home without approval. Shop front are require to have the premises inspected for safe food handeling practices to be able to run their business and they are also required to have insurance. 

I would expect that across the board you would pay between $300 - $600 however this price would increase based on design. Good luck

Sweet Az Cakes

(1) · Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley and Ipswich

Posted: 28/06/2017

A three tier wedding cake is the most popular size coming in at an average price of $650.00.... It all comes down to design and how labour intensive the cake is 

On Trend Bride

(8) · Perth and surrounding areas

Posted: 28/06/2017

I feel there is really no average cost for a wedding cake, it all depends on the couple's requirements for a wedding cake.  There is a lot to consider that most couples are really not aware of ie;  number of guests to cater for, how many tiers, type of wedding cake, could be mud cake, sponge cake and I love the traditional fruit cake that the top tier is usually keep to celebrate the 1st year of marriage.  The list goes on shape of cake, type of icing and decoration.  We try to keep to the couple's budget.  

Hope this is of help to you and thankyou for asking that important question. 

Kind regards

Jan Pausey

On Trend Bouquets & Cakes


(9) · Melbourne

Posted: 14/06/2017

The price of any cake will depend on the design and serving size, as well as the overall finish, semi naked, buttercream finish or fondant, as well as any decorations or accessories used.

Prices generally start from $300 for a simple basic design.

Cakes By Rosa

(7) · Coldstream

Posted: 13/06/2017

Hi Look the price rwally depends on Size , style , and what type of designe you like , also depends if the cake is used as coffee or dessert abvously dessert slices doubles the size of the cake .. My prices may start at $300 and range to $1000+. I take great pride in what i do.. Regards Rosa

Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

(27) · Melbourne & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 13/06/2017

Congratulations! it really depends on who you go to, their experience, and what kind of ingredients they use. I'm a third generation cake decorator and only ever use real and fresh ingredients. Everything is top quality, and you're looking at anywhere from $595 - $1500+ depending on how much detail you'd like on your cake (it's heavily dependant on the time it takes to create the detail you'd like). Wishing you all the best in your wedding planning!
Danielle @ Sweetcheeks Cookies and Cakes

Cupid's Delight

(46) · Western Australia

Posted: 13/06/2017

The price will depends upon decoration and it will start from around $600 if you are looking for a quality in design and taste.

Cakes by Tati

(9) · Sydney Metro

Posted: 13/06/2017

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

It all depends on how elaborate you want your cake to be. If you want to have ruffles, lace, metallic paint, sugar flowers etc, you will be looking from about $500.

However, if you choose to have a naked cake for example, you can be looking at anything from $350 and up.

Whatever the style you choose, you have to make sure it fits within your budget and will be proud to look at the photos in the years to come :)

Good luck,


Elegant Occasions

(15) · Melbourne

Posted: 13/06/2017

The price of the cake depends on size and style. The more work it has the more it would cost.

The size of cake will depend on whether it is used as desert or coffee slices.Obviously if it is being used as desert it needs to be much bigger. However you will save money on a desert at the venue. ( there may still be a small " plating" charge by the venue)

I have found lately that the average price for a cake has been between $450 and $600

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