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Q: Who usually pays for the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup?

A: by Glow Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling, and Thomai Hair Design

“It’s totally up to you! There’s a lot to pay for as a bride! Many times I’ve noticed the bridesmaids have paid for their own. Alternatively, many brides cover the cost of this for their bridesmaids. Work out your budget first and go from there. And I’m sure your bridesmaids will be happy either way!” – Glow Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling

“If you have chosen them to be in your bridal party, I believe the bride should pay.” – Thomai Hair Design

wedding questions


Are you doing your own wedding make-up or are you hiring someone to do it?

Q: Is having a photo booth really worth it?

A: by Flashback Photobooths

“I think the photo booth is worth it when it delivers two main things well:

Fun – it’s a way to entertain friends and family while you’re busy throughout the night and it will really break the ice at the early stages of a wedding reception.

Keepsake – the photo booth combined with the photo strip guest book will allow you to capture all those fun and candid moments and produce a treasured keepsake for years to come.”

wedding questions

Q: Cake toppers… Are they still trendy?

A: On Trend Bouquets and Cakes

“Certainly, yes. Cake toppers add a personalised statement. A lot of the brides and grooms are buying their own are everyone have something special in their life they would like to include in their wedding day. I have just recently done a wedding cake with kookaburras on the top tier of the cake, bringing in the Aussie lifestyle. Or it may be the initials of the couple getting married. The sky is the limit on cake toppers.”

wedding questions

Q: Can celebrants offer advice on vows? Or even coach us?

A: by Treasured Ceremonies

“Absolutely. There are many ways to think of vows and I suggest you start with the idea that they are a promise. What are you promising each other on the day? Many couples ask me this question as they are often stuck and I suggest to write these three lines: What did you think when you first saw your fiance, what made you ask them out a second time, and what was it that made you want to marry them?

Many couples ask me this question as they are often stuck and I suggest to write these three lines: What did you think when you first saw your fiance, what made you ask them out a second time, and what was it that made you want to marry them?

I encourage my clients to either collaborate and create a vow that is meaningful to them both, or alternatively create the separately and keep the promise a surprise for the day.”

wedding questions

Q: Everyone says I need to have cash on the day. But what for?

A: by Justine Milne and Jen Lawrie-Smith CMC

“I’m not sure why you’d need cash on the day. I would expect all suppliers are paid for before hand. However, I have heard of musicians or DJ’s wanting funds paid to them on the day of the wedding. This would be something you’d sort out before hand so you’re not caught off guard on your big day. Don’t want to be walking around with money under your wedding dress!” – Justine Milne

“I’ve seen (for example) mothers of the bride walking around with hundreds of dollars paying suppliers such as musicians. Personally, I think that’s a bit tacky and it has the potential to spoil the day – they shouldn’t have to worry about carrying large sums!

Celebrants issue invoices well in advance and generally expect to be paid in full about 2 – 4 weeks before the ceremony. See if you can get all your suppliers to do the same. Even if payments can’t be arranged in advance, see if your supplier has a mobile card reader.” – Jen Lawrie-Smith CMC

wedding questions

Q: Do brides still cover their face with the veil or is it outdated?

A: by Chein Noir Dezines

“This is a very personal choice and should not be approached from a fashion aspect. Veil or no veil, or whether it covers your face should be considered around: the style of your wedding ceremony, style of your gown, family tradition, if it’s your first marriage, and how you feel about it. Your designer can only advise you on the best choice of design of the veil to suit your whole look, but whether is it over your face or not should be your decision.”

wedding questions

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