who usually pays for the bridesmaids hair and makeup?

in your experience

Question Asked: 17/08/2017

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Missy's Magic Styles Wedding Hair Specialist

(126) · Australia - ACT & NSW

Posted: 25/01/2021

I now say 1/2 my bridal parties the bride pays as a thank you and the other half is each bridesmaid pays for theirs to help their friend out.

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Danielle Robinson Makeup Artist

(6) · South East Queensland

Posted: 24/02/2018

Although this varies from wedding to wedding, dependant on the budget.  In the majority of cases the Bridesmaids will pay for their own hair & makeup.

Danielle x

Victoria Edwards - Bridal Hair & Makeup

(27) · Perth Southern Suburbs

Posted: 8/11/2017

This depends on the bride, sometimes the brides family pay, sometimes the bride or sometimes each bridemaid pays for her own.

Johanna Peirce Makeup Artist

(1) · Sydney and surrounds

Posted: 30/09/2017

These days it can be a avriety of people who could pay for the bridesmaids hair and makeup. 

Often the bridesmaids pay for this and I create packages which lower the overall cost depending on how many people are getting their hair & makeup done on the day. This way, often the bridesmaids split the cost of theirs and the brides hair and makeup, as a gift.

Otherwise, it can be the bride, the brides parents or the groom. 

If people want to buy you a wedding gift, you could include this in your list or suggest it too.

Good luck with your planning and I hope your day is magical. 

Many thanks, Johanna

Lauren Huntriss Makeup Artist

(4) · Sydney, Newcastle & Surrounding areas

Posted: 12/09/2017

This is a tricky one. I have been a bridesmaid 4 times myself and only had to pay for my dress for one of them, the reason being is the Bride was very flexbile with what dress / style we each chose so long as it matched the colour scheme. I thought it was fair enough as I got my moneys worth in the end because I actually liked the dress I chose for myself I've been able wear it on many different occassions. I personally think that if the bride wants her bridesmaids to wear a particular dress that they are likely to never wear again then it should be her responsibility to pay. 

I hope this helps!

Carly Gilmour

(4) · Perth

Posted: 6/09/2017

This can be a tricky one for brides.  What I personally would do is work out my budget and then have a little get together with your bridesmaids and show them your budget for hair/makeup/dresses/shoes etc and ask them for their opinion on where the money is best spent.  That way they're all included in the planning and they I'm sure that if you've chosen them to be your bridemaids then they love you enough to understand if they need to chip in here or there.  

In my experience every wedding party does it differently. 

Wedding Mobile Hair and Makeup

(9) · Sydney | Blue Mountains I South Coast | Wollongong and Surrounds

Posted: 6/09/2017

There is no right or wrong answer.

We find its 50/50.

If you decide to pay for their Hair & Makeup you may not buy the girls a Bridesmaid present. Or on the otherhand if they pay for their own Hair & Makeup you may want to buy the girls a gift. 

So its up to each indiviuals circumstances. Good Luck with your preparations!

Thomai Hair Design

(11) · Melbourne and Surrounding Suburbs

Posted: 24/08/2017

Hi bride

If you have chosen them to be in your bridal party I believe the bride should pay

Zoe Fink Makeup Artist

(17) · Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula

Posted: 23/08/2017

Hi Bride to be :)

Usually the bride shall pay for their bridesmaides to be part of their wedding 

Glow Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling

(3) · Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne

Posted: 22/08/2017

It's totally up to you! There's a lot to pay for as a bride! Many times I've noticed the bridesmaids have paid for their own. 

Alternatively, many brides cover the cost of this for their bridesmaids. Work out your budget first and go from there. And I'm sure your bridesmaids will be happy either way! Happy planning!

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