can celebrants offer advice on vows? or even coach us?

Question Asked: 16/08/2017

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Amanda - Marriage Celebrant

(30) · Adelaide and Regional South Australia

Posted: 15/09/2017

Absolutely and a good celebrant will hold your hand every step of the way in designing your vows if this is what you need.  I provide my couples with a 'Guide to Writing your Vows' and the relationship questionnaire that couples complete for me to help me to personalise their ceremony is also designed to get people thinking about what they might want to include in vows.

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Marina Payne Celebrancy

(19) · Yarra Valley and all of Melbourne

Posted: 13/09/2017


Definately, most Celebrants will be able to guide you with what you want and help also if you want to write your own vows. Remember apart from the first couple of lines which are a legal aspect of the Ceremony your personal vows are just promises you are making from your heart to your soul mate.

Good luck,


Janne Martin Civil Celebrant

(20) · Perth & Surrounding Suburbs

Posted: 8/09/2017

Most definitely. I do offer suggestions and I have a file on vows that I can either give you or email to you. Vows are very personal and should come from the heart. I had one bride who sent me 4 foolscape pages for her vows!!!! I eventually talked her into saying the most important things and suggested she added the rest to her speech at the ceremony. I was all very lovely. Together we worked on her vows, shortened them to half a page and they were absolutely beautiful...!   Have fun choosing your vows!

Julia Maree Celebrancy

(14) · Gold Coast / Tweed Heads

Posted: 26/08/2017

Absolutely - I have vow starters, inspiration and ideas you can read, use or just ponder over - you only need ask. 

Kerrie Barber-White Celebrant

(2) · Sunshine Coast / Hinterland to Kilcoy areas

Posted: 24/08/2017

Hi there, when it comes time to work on the Vows ( which are the most importantant part of your Ceremony), my clients have my Resource book and i send them attachments of Vow samples. On the day of their wedding, when we do the Vows they have both hands together (pyhsical contact) and eyes to each other. I then whisper the Vows to the Groom, he repeats into the mircophone, and then the Bride. This way the guests hear the exchange of Vows but not me, so personal. It's about the Bride and Groom not the Celebrant! They don't need to remember anything as i am there to guide them, less stress. You can read from a small book, but then you break the eye contact.

Hugs & Chrises

(12) · Brisbane & Surrounding Areas

Posted: 23/08/2017

Absolutely!  There are some specific wording required to make the whole thing legit - but other than that you can go for it.  I work with my couples to make sure they are super comfortable with what they are saying to each other and dependingon the package you have purchase from me I can cast my eye over them or I can help you write them from scratch - it's totally up to you!

Treasured Ceremonies

(16) · Byron Bay to Ballina , North Coast NSW and Gold Coast QLD

Posted: 22/08/2017

Absolutely. There are many ways to think of vows and I suggest you start with the idea that they are a promise. What are you promising each other on the day.

Many guys ask me this question as they are often stuck and I say to them to write three lines. What did you think when you first saw your fiancee, what made you ask her out a second time and what was it that made you ask her to marry you.

I encourage my couples to either collaborate and create a vow that is meaningfull to them both or alternatively create them seperate and keep the promise as  surprise on the day.

Happey to forward you a ceremony kit which has some suggestions for vows and much much more information about weddings.

Mario from Treasured Ceremonies

Nicole Wood 'Merman's Bride' Majestic Wedding Ceremonies

(0) · Tweed Heads, Kingscliff, Coolangatta, GoldCoast, & Surrounding Area

Posted: 22/08/2017

A sparkling hello and welcome

As a wedding Celebrant I have helped many brides and Grooms create a starting point so they can write meaningful vows. I offer my couples a questionaire about their funny moments, annoying moments, their friendship, what makes them smile about each other etc and from there they start to know what they may say or feel in their vows. If my clients don't like to write them, I ask them just to answer the questionaire and I can help put their words into something that is stress free, unique and and something that flows from their hearts. I hope this was inspirational and helpful. 

Wishes for a beautiful day

Wedding Celebrant

Nicole Wood

Merman's Bride

Michael Pratt Celebrant

(1) · Echuca Moama, Melbourne, Statewide

Posted: 21/08/2017

Hi there

You have just identified one of the great chapters in the celebrant's personal handbook. Of course we celebrants will happily offer advice on vows and will assist you to write them and, yes, we will coach you in how to say them. On ONE condition only, and that condition is IF you should wish to have us work with you. Celebrants are not the "stars" of this special day - you two are, and the focus must always be on you and what you would like to share wish your loved family and friends. IF you want the help, it is there - IF you want to use it, all you need to do is ask.... Best of luck

Janet Regan Wedding Celebrant

(1) · Bendigo, Ballarat, Maryborough, Avoca, Dunolly, Castlemaine, Maldon, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs

Posted: 21/08/2017

Yes, celebrants can offer advice on vows, there is no need to coach you. The legal vows need to be said first, followed by your own heartfelt words, though some couples choose only to have the legal vows. We can provide samples to give you inspiration and also guide you in writing your own original vows. On your wedding day the words can be repeated after the celebrant (who should say them softly for only you to hear) or you can read from written cards. Your celebrant will guide you through the whole process so you can enjoy your wedding ceremony.

Janet R

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