Oh, oh! Groomsman kicks bridesmaid in head and rips pants…

Groomsman kicks bridesmaid in face

When reddit user Tyler Foster was invited to his cousin’s wedding in Jamaica, he knew he’d return home with some beautiful wedding photos to share with family in friends. He never expected that one of the images, a shot of him kicking a bridesmaid in the head while simultaneously ripping his pants, would be among them, let alone that it would be seen by millions of strangers!

“The photographer wanted to do the cliche jumping photo with everyone and we agreed, like idiots,” says Tyler who posted the image above on reddit never imagining it would receive the global exposure it has.

“We were standing about ankle deep in the ocean and I was next to the only bridesmaid there (small wedding). I have freaky hops for a 6’0 tall white guy, and I forgot to take that into account.”

Tyler decided to spice up the image with an impromptu mid-air toe touch, because, “well, they look funny when 200lb dudes do them,” he writes on reddit.

The photographer counted to three and Tyler leaped up into the air along with everyone else, but, he recalls, “I put my foot into the girl’s skull. I didn’t even notice at first because all I heard was a huge ripping noise as my pants shredded from d**k to dumper. I was pretty concerned about those pants.”

“Meanwhile, girl was being tended to, and I was nursing my ego and the fact that I could cancel any plans of a hook up later. ”

Charming, Tyler. Just charming…

We hope the poor bridesmaid is OK!

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