Using technology to bust your wedding planning stress

One of the best things about technology is how it makes everyday life easier. And when it comes to weddings, things are no different.

Want to make a gift registry your friends and relatives can easily access? You can do that online! Want to keep track of your guest list? There’s an app for that. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s some fresh ideas for using tech to your advantage in planning your big day.

Change the status

With so much of our lives captured online, it’s no surprise some couples are actually incorporating Facebook status updates into their ceremonies, making use of those three magic little words: ‘Is married to’. It’s a little cheesy, but it’s a lovely way to share the day with people not there to witness your vows.

Make a hash of it

If you haven’t embraced the idea of a wedding hashtag yet, now is the time. You know your guests will be uploading pics, and maybe even footage, so it makes sense to give them a hashtag to use so that everyone – including you – has an easy way to see the wonderful moments captured on the day.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding hashtag, here’s 15 awesome hashtags for real couples.

Online planning tools

One of the benefits of living in the digital age is that there are plenty of free online planning tools available that make life easier for brides-to-be.

Easy Weddings’ seating planner, for example, is aimed at taking the stress out of arranging your seating plan. It allows you to create tables and move guests around till your heart’s content.

Our To-Do list is a great way to organise all the tasks that need completing in the wedding planning process and the budget calculator allows you to easily keep track of costs, quotes and payments.

The guest list tool helps to keep track of your guest list including RSVP status and special dietary requirements.

For more of a run-down on each of these useful tools follow the link here. You can also download the Easy Wedding iPad app that has access to the above planning tools in a super mobile-friendly format.

Project mapping cakes

Wow, just wow. That’s about the only words we have this for awesome idea, which involves projecting footage on to the side of the cake to turn it into a piece of dazzling artwork. Here’s a look at what we’re talking about, Disney style.

Sharing memories

You probably have a cake table and a present table, so why not a digital memory table? Simply grab some accessories such as digital photo frames and set up a display where guests can watch moments from your life together, be it pics of your first date or even footage of a favourite trip overseas.

Different perspective

Selfie sticks are great for a wedding, simply because of their flexibility, usefulness and ability to capture awkward angles. One idea is to buy a bunch and then ask people to use them creatively, even down to having someone stand in the middle of the dance floor and hold one aloft to get great live action footage.

Get mobile

For those who like to do their wedding planning on the run, Easy Weddings’ mobile directory app makes it easy to look up suppliers, flick through galleries, see which suppliers are near you and easily contact them for a quote. The App is available for download on Android and iPhone here.

Finding favours

Wedding favours aka bomboniere can be a tricky thing to choose, because you want to pick something guests will treasure. That’s where digital favours such as ebooks or vouchers can come in. Because most people these days use online entertainment of some sort, they’re a great way to be not just thoughtful but also practical.

Digital guestbook

Now this is an idea with wow factor. At its most simple, a digital guestbook centres on an app that lets people type in a message while other versions bring together videos, texts, photos, emails, text messages and more into a digital or DVD display. Either way it’s a fabulous keepsake unlike all other.

Build anticipation

We’re all for preserving the day’s big moments, but things like Instagram are a great way to build anticipation via behind-the-scenes insights. You could show a hint of your dress, capture a bridesmaid having her make-up done or even flag reception food with a shot taken at the tasting where you decided what to serve.

 Speech booth

Like the name suggests, speech booths are a bit like photo booths – only these ones focus on words rather than images. They offer a chance for guests to record a video message, and what you can find is that rather than focusing on fun and frivolity, they encourage a wonderful sense of heartfelt emotion.

Go forth and film

Go Pros are amazing for the way they capture life in all its spontaneity and colour. So why not add one to your day? This bride put one in her bouquet, and the footage it captured during the day was heartfelt and sentimental, with action that beautifully enhanced what a traditional videographer would capture.

This idea has been around for a while now, but it’s becoming more readily available. Basically, it involves setting up cameras to film your entire ceremony, with the footage then shared online with guests who couldn’t attend the big day for whatever reason.

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