Would you have your fur friend walk you down the aisle?

If given the opportunity, would you have your fur friend walk you down the aisle? They’re our best friends, so why not invite your pooch to your wedding? Here’s some dilemmas you might come across with having pets at weddings.

Who’s in charge

Though it sounds AMAZING to have your pooch walk you down the aisle, who’s going to hold his leesh when you exchange vows with your love? You’ll have to allocate a family member or friend this role, and as a consequence, it might disrupt their entire enjoyment at your wedding. Giving a guest this responsibility may distract them from what’s really important: your wedding ceremony!

Who brings them and takes them home

Although I’m no expert at these things, I’m going to happen a guess that wedding limousines won’t allow a dog to sit on their expensive leather seats. And, all donned in your princess gown and finery, you mightn’t want your pooch to sit on your lap either. So, who brings them and takes them home?

If having your pet at your wedding is something you just HAVE to do, you’re going to have to give someone the responsibility of bringing the pet to the ceremony, and taking them home afterwards – unless your venue allows pets to mill about the reception.

If the person you choose is also a guest, this might disrupt their entire day as they’ll have to jump from venue to back home to return your pet and ensure they’re safely at home. For venues a decent drive away from home, this may be an inconvenience you’d like to avoid.

Are they allowed inside the venue

Some venues have a strict ‘no pets allowed’ policy, while others have a ‘they’re allowed at the ceremony, just not inside the reception venue’ rule. If you happen to find a venue that allows pets at both ceremony and reception venues, then go for it! But if the ceremony is the only location that is pet-friendly, you may have to send your pooch packing after the ceremony (see above point about a guest having to return your pet home).

Cases of emergency – what if they s**t during the ceremony?

We’re all thinking it, I’m just saying it! What happens if your usually perfectly behaved pooch goes rogue on the big day? What if they bite at the ankles of the groomsmen, or decide to go to the toilet right in front of the altar while you’re exchanging vows? These are very real risks (though personally, I’d find it hilarious).

The solution

Friends, I have a solution! First Class Pet Wedding Assistants is your knight in shining fluffy armour! They are a team of pet professionals who make it easy for couples to experience their purr-fect wedding with their best fur friends by their side! They transport your pet to and from the wedding and any photoshoot locations, dress up your pet in wedding attire, and even take wedding photos from your pet’s point of view!

I really have seen it all now.

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