The 2021 wedding trends you need to know

By Sonya Uribe, Creative Director Evenio Weddings & Events

Covid has not only financially impacted the wedding industry, it has completely changed the scene for how weddings are viewed and celebrated. Couples and their families are increasingly putting more thought into, and appreciate, the concept of marriage for what it is rather than what it can or “should” be.

But regardless of the downturn, weddings are not done. They will be alive and well for as long as love is. As the saying goes, “This too shall pass” and the industry will thrive again. But not without some change and growth along the way.

In fact, figures from ‘all you can read’ magazine app, Readly, shows that we are increasingly consuming all things wedding and immersing ourselves into the wonder that is wedding magazines. In Australia, our appetite for wedding magazines increased by 116% from October-December 2020.

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Here are some of the trends which inevitably started to shape up with the rise of Corona and will either linger for a while or be here to stay in 2021 and beyond:

Pintimate weddings:

I’d like to start the list of 2021 wedding trends with a word I came up with to describe the nature of 2020 weddings. That word is PINTIMATE meaning Personal and Intimate with more focus on the guest experience. Like many trends we predicted for 2020, Pintimate Weddings (30 or under) would be one of those trends that would carry over into 2021 for many obvious reasons.

Elopements and non-traditional weddings:

Abandonment of tradition and social expectations is another trend we’ll see as people deal with postponements, cancellations, reduced or lost income, the inability of close family and friends to travel and the fear of uncertainty. We’ll see an increase on elopements.

Lavish yet sustainable:

More lavish creations and experiences while still maintaining a focus on environmental sustainability. Because of reduced guest counts, we’ll see the couple’s budget spread into more personalised and rich designs which they may have not considered otherwise. These designs, which will not only aim to enhance the guest experience by allowing for the comfort and intimacy of an indoor setting and relieving anxieties relating to the Pandemic, they will also be likely to be carried out outdoors and in daylight to take advantage of the backdrop of nature and further reduce carbon print. We’ll see more weddings in gardens and backyards with lush greenery, wooden tables and props and organic linens.

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2021 wedding trends

2021 wedding trends


Couples who were married in 2020 and weren’t lucky enough to have their loved ones close by to celebrate with them, we’re able to rely on technology to make them at least virtually present on their special day. 2021 couples will continue to rely on technology to make sure all important guests are included in special moments, regardless of their ability to attend.

2021 wedding trends

2021 wedding trends

New hues:

Finally, though probably more towards the end of the year, we’ll see Pantone’s Colours of the Year (two for the second time ever), Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, manifest in floral arrangements, tablescapes and overall wedding attire. We’ll see the nice balance in the brightness that Illuminating brings and the steadiness that Ultimate Gray provides ideally as a beacon of hope for better times ahead.

2021 wedding trends

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