How to plan a sustainable wedding

With climate change being one of the most talked topics at the moment, for many couples, to plan a sustainable wedding seems the way to go. Fortunately, more suppliers are getting on board, being more flexible and environmentally friendly. Taking this into consideration we have put together a short checklist to guide you on how to plan a sustainable wedding.

1. Stationary

how to plan a sustainable wedding

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Reduce the number of printed pieces and packaging. We know that printed invitations are a must, but try to consider using paper products made from recycled materials or seed paper.

2. Food and beverages

How to plan a sustainable wedding

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You can use seasonal veggies, local food suppliers or choose organic foods for your menu. This will reduce emissions caused by transportation and support local farmers. For bar service, you can choose local breweries and wineries.

3. Transportation

how to plan a sustainable wedding

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Reduce your guest list if you can, arrange shuttles or carpools for guests and try to have your ceremony and reception in the same place.

4. Venue

As mentioned before try having your ceremony and reception in the same place, this will reduce the emissions of driving from one venue to the other. Bonus: If you chose a winery you could also use their wine reducing even more CO2 emissions.

5. Gifts

If you are one of those couples that don’t really see the point of having gifts, you could ask for donations to your favourite charity. If you do need some gifts, you can try choosing a local shop for your registry, and don’t forget to ask for gifts to be unwrapped to save paper!

6. Decor

A Vintage decoration is a great option to re-use items, and if you are trying to put your own touch in some of the details avoid plastic at all cost! You can get amazing unique pieces in op-shops.

7. Lighting

how to plan a sustainable wedding


Try to use solar lights or candles and where electric lighting required, make sure it uses LEDs.

8. Flowers

Choose a local florist, opt for native seasonal flowers and maybe avoid tossing them right after the event finding ways to preserve o reuse them.

9. Reduce, reduce, reduce!

how to plan a sustainable wedding

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Bann all single-use plastics and unnecessary items. Switch plastic for paper straws, talk to your venue, caterer and bar service and ask for sustainable re-usable options. Disposable items are the biggest no-go when planning a sustainable wedding.

Facts and sustainability information via Botanical paper works.

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