Wrapped up in love: Lisa and Dale’s rustic glam wedding

Wedding: 25/02/2017

Posted by Lucy | 17 August, 2017

After finally winning over Lisa-Marie Vecchio, Dale Wood went one better with his thoughtful and romantic proposal a few years later.

The Brisbane couple, both 29, met at their church and Lisa admits she put Dale in the “friend zone.”

“Eventually, his persistence and loving nature won me over and we dated for two-and-a-half years before Dale popped the big question,” Lisa says.

And what a proposal it was. Dale had organised a photographer, violinist and a handful of friends to set up a romantic picnic in Southbank, overlooking where they had their first date.

“Given all the hype and planning, it all went off without a hitch as I ecstatically said ‘yes’ as a crowd watched Dale get down on one knee,” she recalls.

The couple celebrated their rustic glam wedding and reception at Sirromet Winery, Mount Cotton with 92 friends and family on February 25, 2017.

“A favourite highlight of the day was our first dance doused in paper streamers – a wedding tradition from my Italian heritage. It involved the guests holding streamers attached to the bride and groom’s hands as they waltzed,” Lisa says.

“The origins of the dance were designed to wrap the bride and groom in streamers, well wishes, love and, of course, make a mess!”

Lisa says their big day embodied everything that makes weddings special.

“It contained the simple, yet core essence of what everyone loves about weddings – celebrating the love we have for each other and the commitment we have made to each other,” she says.

Photos courtesy of Deezigner Images.


Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_017 Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_018Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_019



Lisa, a graphic designer, designed all the wedding stationery, from the invitations to the seating plan.

Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_001 Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_002





Dale says he adores Lisa’s generosity, thoughtfulness, sense of humour and style, while Lisa loves Dale’s selflessness and genuine nature.


Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_009 Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_006




Rather than risk real flowers in the summer heat, Lisa chose artificial blooms for the big day.



Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_021 Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_011
Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_012 Lisa_Dale_Rustic-Glam-Wedding_SBS_013


Dale looked sharp for the glam rustic wedding thanks to Stuart Suits.



When the big night was over, Lisa and Dale retired to the Stamford Plaza Brisbane, before jetting to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

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