This is what the average Australian couple looks like in 2020

The way couples plan their weddings changes slightly every year. Which means it’s important to keep track of what the average Australian couple looks like, what their key motivators are, and what they are interested in for their big day.

The 2020 Australian Wedding Industry Report surveyed more than 5,600 couples towards the end of 2019 to see how they are planning their weddings for this year. Take a look at what stage of life the average couple is in, when they are getting married, and how much they are spending to give yourself an idea where your own target couple fits into the industry.

Who are they?

91% of all couples planning a wedding in Australia are getting married for the first time. Which means they’re likely going to need some help! Unless you know otherwise, assume that your couples are doing this all for the first time. Give them advice and guidance to build trust and help them on the journey to their big day.

90% of couples will get married in their home state or territory. They’ve also attended at least one wedding in the 12 months leading up to their own day. That gives a lot of potential for word-of-mouth referrals when it comes to booking more couples. Consider this; every wedding you work has the potential to give you at least one more lead.

The average bride-to-be will be 31 when they’re planning a wedding. This has increased from 2019 where the average bride was 28. The same goes for the average age of a groom which has increased from 29 to 32.

This seems like a big jump to say that more couples are getting married later in life. It’s not necessarily true though. The same-sex market has bumped up this average age as same-sex couples are now starting to plan the weddings they weren’t able to have before.

The average age of grooms in same-sex couples is 45. Brides in same-sex couples have an average age of 39.

average australian couple

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The average couple has generally already achieved some life goals together before they tie the knot. 89% of couples will live together before getting married. 51% will have bought a house, an increase from 2019. 29% will already have children or be expecting on their big day.

These figures have remained consistent over the last few years but are slowly sneaking up. A key indicator here is that more couples are planning their weddings around their lifestyle. Rather than planning their lifestyle around their weddings.

This also changes the way couples are planning their weddings. More weddings have become about the couple as a whole rather than just one half of a couple. A stronger focus on children and even pets also shows how couples are incorporating their lifestyles into a more personalised day.

Couples are continuing to choose quality over quantity for their weddings. Couples willing to spend on services or providers are spending more to get that quality. They’re also consistently spending more on their weddings despite inviting the same number of people.

average australian couple

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How much are they spending on their weddings?

The average wedding budget in Australia starts at $23,917. But this isn’t actually how much a couple spends. The average couple actually expects to spend closer to $28,644 on their big day.

In fact, the average cost of a wedding in Australia actually comes to $32,940. This $9,000 gap between what a couple thinks they’re going to spend and what they actually spend is where you can educate them more on the value of your services.

average australian couple

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As we mentioned before, the majority of couples are planning their weddings for the first time. They may not know exactly what comes in a venue package, what a celebrant will do for them on the day, or how much time a florist is going to spend putting together their arbour. The chances are they haven’t thought about all the work that goes into a wedding and factored those additional costs. This is where you can sell your value, expertise and experience.

The fact that the average budget changes so dramatically from what it starts at means that couples are willing to spend more on their suppliers, as long as they can see that value. So work to show exactly what your value is and why you’re priced at your level.

average australian couple

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With couples being more established when they’re getting married, we’re seeing a lot of them fund their wedding without assistance from family or friends. 39% of couples will fund their wedding on their own. 8% will also take out a wedding loan for their big day. It’s true that you can educate a couple on your services but keep their financial circumstances in mind to make sure you’re providing the best advice and the best solution for every couple. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you keep that trust.

When are they getting married?

The average couple will be engaged for 21 months before they finally get married. This engagement period has actually shortened for the first time in two years, by just one month.

Saturday remains the most popular day for weddings. 65% of couples still choose to host their wedding on a Saturday.

However, we are seeing a continuing increase and opportunity when it comes to Friday weddings. Friday weddings now make up 16% of all weddings throughout the year. Sundays, by comparison, have experienced a slight drop to 9%.

This shows that more couples are willing to break the mould and host a weekday wedding if they can get the venue or services that they want. Don’t be afraid to try and sell a Friday wedding if your Saturday is already booked out. Or see whether you can shift a smaller wedding to Friday when you have a bigger opportunity on Saturday.

average australian couple

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Spring has taken back its top place as the most popular wedding season in Australia. 38% of couples will marry in spring, with 28%, 21% and 13% getting married in autumn, summer and winter respectively.

October and November will be the most popular months for weddings in 2020, followed closely by March. Keep an eye on for Saturday, February 22, 2020. This aesthetically pleasing date of 22/2/2020 is going to be the most popular date for weddings for the whole year!

average australian couple

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