10 great accessories for your summer wedding

There’s nothing quite like long sunny days and late golden sunsets to make you love summer. If you’ve chosen to have your wedding in the summer months, or even in late spring and early autumn when the weather is still hot, having some additional summer wedding accessories can help give your wedding that wow factor.

We’ve made a list of our favourite summer wedding accessories and features to help make your day unique, and keep your guests cool and ready to have fun all day and into the night.

Ice cream and icy poles

Of course, when it comes to summer, you can’t go past an ice cream cone or icy pole. But gone are the days where Sunnyboy’s and Zooper Dooper’s were the icy poles on everyone’s list. You can now order ice cream or icy pole vans to your wedding. We especially love the rise of the adult icy pole, featuring flavours such as champagne and peach bellini. What a great way to keep your guests cool while you’re in photo mode!


If you’re hosting an outdoor ceremony then the chances are that your guests will want somewhere shady to sit or stand while you exchange nuptials. However, some garden venues won’t allow you to set up a marquee because they require support posts in the ground, which will leave both you and your guests exposed to the elements. Never fear, because umbrellas are not just a wet weather option. Having a few baskets or tall vases with parasols scattered around your seating area will give your guests something to shade themselves with to keep cool. Plus, there are plenty of options and designs to choose from so you’re sure to find a design that matches your wedding theme.

A pop-up bar

If you’re a guest at a wedding, there’s not much worse than being stuck at a venue between the ceremony and reception with nothing to do while the special couple has their photos taken. To help keep your guests entertained, as well as make the most of the sunny weather, having various beverage options available to help keep them cool is a bonus. Whether you’re hiring a pop-up bar or setting up a DIY drinks stand, a few cold drinks never go astray. And your guests will thank you for it.


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Cold food

While it might not be something you think about when initially planning the catering for your big day, trying to sip on some piping hot soup on a 30-degree day is probably not high on anybody’s to-do list. If you are having a summer wedding, consider having some cold food options as part of your menu. Rice paper rolls, sushi and cheeses are all great options for finger food or canapes before the reception, and nothing goes past a good salad as your entree.

A sun smart table

When you’re having a wedding in summer, making sure that all of your guests stay hydrated and sun smart throughout the day can be a great way to make sure that they’re able to enjoy your wedding from ceremony all the way through to the end of the reception. Setting up a go-to table with iced bottles of water and free sunscreen can be a great way to remind your guests to look after themselves when you’re occupied tying the knot. Plus it’s a good way to help protect your guests from the sun and avoid any unseemly sunburn marks that are left behind in your wedding album!

A donation to charity

When it comes to summer, being sun smart is not only important, but it can be a solemn reminder of the toll that too much sun can take. If you’re looking for a way that your wedding can make a difference, donating to a charity that raises funds for awareness and research of skin cancer is a touching way to keep the reality of summer front of mind. For instance, if you donate to the Cancer Council in lieu of bomboniere you’ll receive a silver daffodil label pin and personalised card for you and your guests, as a reminder of the donation you’ve made.

Personalised weather updates

Sometimes you don’t want to wait until just a week out from your wedding day to know what the weather is going to be like. Having a custom weather forecast for your wedding is a unique and cute way to keep on top of what summer options you need to be prepared for ahead of time. Is it going to be a sunny 27 degrees or a scorching 41 degrees on the big day? Whatever your weather, keeping up-to-date with your own forecast is a great way to stay prepared and also keep your guests updated in the days prior!

Pop up games

Make the most of fun in the sun by truly giving your guests some fun for the day. Hiring giant pop up games and accessories can ensure that your guests are having the time of their lives before the party has even started. It’s a great way to keep people entertained while you’re having photos taken, and will make some fun and unique memories for your guests. Plus the photos will look great when you’re flicking through your wedding album in the years to come!


While you might not have access to power to add fans to your reception or ceremony, giving each guest an individual hand fan can be a great way to make sure they keep cool during your ceremony. These can be themed to your day and left at the entrance to your ceremony or reception. Plus it means that your meticulously designed (and potentially expensive!) wedding programs won’t be used and bent as makeshift fans!

Spend a night under the stars

Who says your guests are the only ones who should benefit from the fun of a summer wedding? Book yourself in for some glamping to make the most of the hot weather and stay under the stars for your wedding night. It will make a magical first night of marriage and the perfect ending to your perfect day.

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