Predictions: Meghan Markle’s wedding hair

By Paloma Rose Garcia

Celebrity hair-stylist and Philips HairCase Ambassador, Paloma Rose Garcia, shares her royal wedding hair predictions and how to prepare for your own big day.

meghan markle's wedding hair

What can we expect from Meghan’s hair on May 19th?

I have no doubt that Meghan will look stylish, sophisticated and elegant on her wedding day, and we know her hairdresser will be well-prepared to ensure her hair is perfect. There are a few royal traditions Meghan will be likely to follow as well.

A royal bride always wears a tiara and veil. Traditionally, the wedding dress is made from white lace and the veil is created from the same fabric.

Meghan seems to prefer wearing her hair long and loose, so a brushed-out curled blowdry would not be a surprise. Alternatively, she might follow The Dutchess of Cambridge’s lead and opt for a romantic half-up hairstyle.

Female guests are required to wear hats in church during the day. Expect to see some incredible hats and headpieces in attendance at the royal wedding.

meghan markle's wedding hair

How will her hairstyle differ from Kate’s at her wedding?

While there are a few strict guidelines which Meghan will follow, her dress designer and hairdresser will make sure her personal style is reflected on the big day. Throughout history, many royal brides have worn a neat French chignon or clean bun with a tiara securing their veil.

In the past, both Kate and Meghan have always opted for a classic blow wave for public appearances. I wouldn’t be surprised if Meghan took note from Kate and also choose to wear her hair down and blow-dried. Kate’s blow dry is often has more body with her front layers curled away from her face. Megan on the other hand often has a slicker finish, with her front layers framing her face.

meghan markle's wedding hair

What sort of headwear can we expect?

Tradition has seen royal brides don a tiara and veil and I wouldn’t be surprised if Megan followed suit. Kate Middleton borrowed the incredible Cartier “halo” tiara from The Queen. That tiara had been given to Princess Elizabeth by her mother on her 18th birthday and signified the time-honoured tradition of wearing “something borrowed” on her wedding day.

Meghan and Harry have shown multiple signs of respect for Princess Diana, even down to Harry’s choice of engagement ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Meghan, wear the iconic Spencer Tiara to signify her respect and inclusion of Princess Diana on her special day. The Spencer Tiara was a favourite of Princess Diana and was the tiara she chose to wear for her own wedding in 1981.

meghan markle's wedding hair

How do you get the perfect royal hair when you have to wear headwear?

From soft blown out waves to a sleek low bun, there are multiple classic royal looks that can finish off a brides look. Luckily, many of these work effortlessly with headwear. My recommendation is to always choose a hairstyle that works for you first and foremost, and then pick accessories to compliment. While most hairstyles do accommodate hair pieces, it’s important to choose the right one. A classy neat French chignon works well with a tiara, whilst a loose and romantic ponytail may work better with a beautifully embellished hair pin.

Regardless of style, ensure your hairdresser is using high-quality professional styling tools, such as the Philips Pro Dryer which enables anti-static drying to give you a frizz-free so your headpiece doesn’t get lost in matted hair.

meghan markle's wedding hair

When should you start prepping your wedding hair?

Every bride wants to look like a princess on their wedding day, and our advice would be to start discussing the condition of your hair and necessary preparation with your hairdresser well in advance. As soon as your significant other pops the question, it’s time invest in some heat-protecting styling tools (If you don’t already have them!).

I always recommend the Philips MoistureProtect range which includes the Philips MoistureProtect Hairdryer and Philips MoistureProtect Hair Straightener which have built-in sensors to help protect your hair from the inside-out. Using products which protect, moisturise and strengthen your hair in the months leading up to your wedding will help your hairdresser create a gorgeous style, and will leave your hair glowing as much as you are.

3 months prior to the wedding start taking some vitamins and supplements such as Zinc and Vitamin B to avoid dull and brittle hair, and book a haircut to ensure you don’t have any split ends leading to a frizzy look. 1 month prior to the wedding, invest in an in-salon keratin treatment, and hair trim so that the ends are healthy and strong, but you are not faced with a new shape or cut right before the big day.

meghan markle's wedding hair

What should you do with your wedding hair the morning of the wedding?

The morning of your wedding, you should be very relaxed about your hair. If you have been taking care and preparing your hair in the lead-up it will be glowing, strong and healthy and will look gorgeous regardless of the style. I always recommend washing hair one day before an event or styling your hair as it isn’t as fluffy, and is easier to work with. Using a leave-in treatment a week before the wedding is a good idea as well for a final boost before the big day.

By your wedding day, you and your hairdresser should be confident in the style and accessories you have chosen, so the most important thing is to relax, have a glass of champagne and enjoy the day!

Paloma is a celebrity hair-stylist and the Philips HairCase Ambassador.

meghan markle's wedding hair

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