COVID-19: How to communicate with your wedding guests right now

Due to the government’s latest wedding restrictions in response to COVID-19, couples around the country are feeling the pressure to communicate quickly with their wedding guests. What’s the best way to do this? Here, our expert wedding planning team share their insights.

In our Facebook group, we’ve heard from many couples who are postponing their weddings by up to a year due to the COVID-19 wedding restrictions.

At this point, we’re advising most couples to postpone if their wedding is in the next three months. If it’s scheduled for a date beyond then, we’d suggest setting a date in your calendar to re-evaluate around the 4-6 week mark if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, you may be wondering how to communicate with your guests in a time of information overload. Is it important to keep them apprised of every small detail? Probably not. But it is important to keep them in the loop so they can plan accordingly with their own schedules.

Our expert in-house wedding planner, Abbey Sands, is here to answer the most frequently asked questions so you can sort out a wedding communication strategy that’s informative, sensitive, and helpful for your wedding guests.

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EW: Do you think it’s important for couples to keep guests in the loop as they shuffle around their wedding plans in response to COVID-19 wedding restrictions? If so, what are your top format recommendations for getting this information out in a clear, simple, and speedy manner?

Abbey: I think it’s really important to keep your guests in the loop as you make big changes to your wedding day. By communicating the right details to your nearest and dearest, it will eliminate guests reaching out to you at different times, which is especially important during this already emotional time. I highly recommend updating your digital wedding invitation or creating a new one online to send via SMS. If you have a wedding website, that’s a great place to update new information — and you should update it as things change — but keep in mind that many guests may not access the website frequently. If your printed wedding invitations have already been sent, a quick SMS is a great tool for updating guests.

EW: Are there any special apps or tools you’d recommend to couples who want their wedding communications to feel personalised?

Abbey: Canva is a really great free app and website where you can build your own designs or use ready-made templates that look professional. If you’re unsure what to say in the text, I’d recommend keeping it brief and only including as much information as is needed at this time. Something as simple as, “Family and Friends, Given the current state of things, we’re postponing our wedding until further notice. Once weddings are allowed to take place again, we’ll reach out with a new plan. We love you and can’t wait to see you again — hopefully soon!” should do the trick.

EW: What if things are changing too quickly and couples need to send out multiple updates? Should couples be worried about being annoying or over-communicative?

Abbey: As we’re receiving updates constantly, I would highly recommend waiting 24 hours before sending out any communication to guests after making a change to your wedding day. This will allow you time to process the change. If you are sending multiple communications out to guests, aim to make this light hearted, or even humorous, if that’s your vibe! Here’s a tip: Smile while you write. It really helps to get your positive, cheerful outlook across. While these circumstances are difficult for many, your wedding can offer some lightness, giving your friends and family something special to look forward to.

EW: For many couples, it feels like an uncomfortable time to talk about their weddings. Yet, they feel it’s important they communicate about changes. Can you give any advice to these couples that might help them decide how to go about their wedding communications?

Abbey: It’s an emotional time, so I highly recommend taking the time to really talk as a couple to decide how you would like to change your wedding plans. Once you’re both comfortable with the changes, communicate them to your nearest and dearest. It’s important to remember that while we are a generation of tech savvy people, there will be guests who are not tech savvy; ensure you communicate with them in the best and most efficient format possible.

Unsure how to start planning your wedding right now? Chat with our wedding experts and they’ll ease your wedding planning woes. You can also stay up to date with wedding rules and restrictions by checking out our COVID page.

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