Wedding hashtag inspiration from real couples

There are those couples that ban mobile phones on their wedding day, and those that fully embrace the digital age by creating a wedding hashtag for guests to upload their happy snaps to Twitter and Instagram for the rest of the party to enjoy. See this wedding hashtag inspiration from real couples:

hashtags used by real couples

See Alyssa and Daniel’s #unlimitedlovestory here.

Regardless of your stance on social media and its role in documenting wedding celebrations, there’s no denying the creativity and comedy packed into these 15 wedding hashtags used by real couples… Perhaps they could inspire your own wedding hashtag?

1. #ForeverYounge

Reddit contributor AdrianLou told the social media site of his friends who wed to share the surname ‘Younge’, which naturally became a play on the phrase, ‘forever young’. While we’re not privy to their wedding playlist, we can only imagine it involved Bob Dylan’s classic ’80s hit, Forever Young!

Wooden easel with a board.

2. #ForeverGreen2015

Huffington Post guest contributor Kristen Ley joined forces with finance Josh Green to create a wedding hashtag that not only played on a timeless idiom but also rhymed, as well as incorporated the couple’s new surname AND wedding year… That’s one wholesome hashtag!

wedding hashtags used by real couples

3. #WedLongAndProsper

Another Reddit punter (and likely Star Trek enthusiast) tells of their somewhat lengthy wedding hashtag, foretelling of a long and financially fruitful union.

hashtags used by real couples

4. #EyebrowsAndVows

One online forum contributor revealed a friend of a friend’s hairy hashtag, in line with the bride’s renowned ‘ridiculously huge eyebrows’.

hashtags used by real couples

5. #OnCloudGavin

Crazy Together couple bloggers Maria and Rob Gavin used an online hashtag generator in an attempt to find their special wedding hashtag. Other combinations included #FinallyGavin, #HappilyEverGavins, #RobAndMariaSittinginaTree, #HereComeTheGavins, #HappyToBeaGavin, #GavinsEts2015 and #OhHappyGavins.

wedding hashtag ideas used by real couples

6. #SheldonSquared

One debatably lucky couple already shared the same surname before tying the knot. Reddit reveals that instead of changing her name (to the same name), the running joke was that she would add a squared2 symbol to her surname. Instead, the couple created a fitting wedding hashtag to symbolise their double-dealt surname.

wedding hashtags

7. #Swartzember

One wedding-goer tells of their friends’ September nuptials, resulting in a memorable wedding hashtag, and an unforgettable anniversary month… And Mr. Swartz stayed happily in the good books forever after!

Beautiful bride sitting in car straight with mobile phone hairst

8. #BakersInTheBarn 

If you were the Bakers – getting married in a barn – how could you resist the alliteration of a little B-on-B? And that’s exactly what one couple did, according to their Facebook friend in an online forum.

wedding hashtags for weddings

9. #WeStillComing

An accidental wedding hashtag came into being when a bride-to-be thought she was sending a wedding photo shoot invite to friends. It turns out she had a wrong number, but that didn’t stop the recipients from RSVP’ing – and actually showing up.

“You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there,” the recipient responded to the bride’s accidental invitation. 

“Oh sorry! Not an invite to strangers,” the bride replied, to which the wannabe-partygoers wrote, “We still coming.”

Needless to say, the hashtag trended on Twitter, later sparking rumours of the incident’s authenticity. Either way, it turned out to be one awesome wedding hashtag, with all-inclusive photo shoot proof.

wedding hashtag

Source: Twitter

10. #ToHaveAndToHolton

Casey and Ross Holton married in the small coastal Californian resort destination Pebble Beach in 2014 with an ever-appropriate hashtag drawing on Ross’ surname and the 1900 best selling novel, ‘To Have and to Hold’, by American author Mary Johnston.

hashtags used by real couples

11. #BrokenBride

Christie Woolf Flaherty will forever be known as the bride to make light of a bad situation when she revealed to SHAPE Magazine that she broke her arm exactly a week before her wedding during a surprise bridal shower, causing her to have surgery that resulted in a fashionable white wedding splint.

wedding hashtags 3

12. #WrightStateOfMind

When Shaina Friedman was planning to become Shaina Wright, she told SHAPE Magazine that her and fiancé Zak wanted all their wedding guests to enjoy their day as much as them, which required everybody being in the ‘Wright state of mind’ – focusing on laughter, love, and joy; the perfect wedding potion!

Where is my groom

13. #LetsGetRauchy

At first glance, it may look a bit raunchy. HoweverKelly Butler and now husband Ryan Rauch (pronounced ‘wow’), cleared up any confusion as to the pronunciation of their new shared surname when they invited wedding guests to get rowdy – in a round about way – with their provocative wedding hashtag, #LetsGetRauchy.

lovers in a wedding dress near the sea and mountains

14. #Promdate2Lifemate

Kaylene Meredith told SHAPE Magazine how she and her partner attended prom together and began dating a month later, so when their wedding day finally arrived, they used the ever appropriate hashtag, #Promdate2Lifemate. 
 Teenagers and young adults having fun at party

15. # OneHaleOfaWedding

Kayla Pippin and husband Dustin Hale of Manchester in Georgia had one ‘hale’ of a wedding when they tied the knot in 2014.

hashtags weddings ideas

But… how do I create my own hashtag?! 

The key is to use puns, alliteration and “in-jokes” to create something really personal. Write down both of your names and any wedding related words and things that are unique to you as a couple have a brainstorm and see what you can come up with. See more wedding hashtag inspiration here.

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