10 personalised bomboniere trends you’ll love

There are so many options when it comes to bomboniere for your wedding, but there’s something a bit special about giving gifts something personalised.

Personalised bomboniere trends wedding favours

Whether your gift bears the name of each individual guest or carries the name of you and your partner and the wedding date, a personalised bomboniere will stir up memories of the magical day they spent with you.

We have tapped into some of our creative and innovative bomboniere suppliers to give you the best personalised bomboniere trends that have been coming through recently.

Beer/Wine bottle labels



Guests will get a kick out of taking home a unique brew with a photo of the newlyweds on it.

Not a fan of beer? Not a problem. You can also get labels for water, champagne or wine bottles too! Perfect for anyone.


personalised bomboniere trends you'll love

Sweetcheeks cookies and cakes make adorable, fully customisable cookies that taste good, too!

Cookies are a delicious bomboniere that you know won’t go to waste.

Even better, you can have your names iced onto hearts, bride and groom shapes or anything else that matches your theme to boost the wow factor.



Lorenza soy candles can even make custom candles for asking your bridal party to be in your wedding!

Soy, wooden wick, long burn or melts, candles are a great gift for your guests as they can enjoy hours of relaxation at home by candlelight long after your wedding day.

If you give them personalised candles, they will be sure to reflect on the fond memories they made celebrating with you and your new spouse every time they light the wick.

Water bottle coolers

Who doesn’t have a water bottle that they wished they could keep cold all the time?

You can combine bomboniere with a practical gift that you know guests will be able to use on a daily basis with a water bottle cooler.


With skilled candy men and women able to create lollies in every conceivable colour combination, it’s easy to match your wedding theme with a candy bomboniere.

They’re so talented, they can also create sugary treats with your names in there too! This gift will be sure to be a talking point on your wedding day.


If you are not a fan of leaving rings of condensation on tabletops in your home, chances are at least a couple of your guests are in the same boat!

Coasters, whether they be wood, fabric, or glass, are another example of a useful bomboniere that you can personalise to give them that unique touch.


Even those who claim to be savoury-all-the-way type people will still love a sneaky chocolate from time to time.

Chocolate is a bomboniere that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and having the delicious treats wrapped in customised paper will make it even more special.

Jars of goodies

Cute little jars are great for bomboniere and you can fill them with anything from jam and honey to lollies and even miniature succulents.

Because of the uniform size and smooth surface of glass jars, they are an easy bomboniere to customise with quirky messages or simply your names and wedding date and the labels can be designed to suit any wedding theme.

You really can’t go wrong!

Bottle openers

Whether they are on a keyring, have magnets for easy access on the fridge, or sit happily in a cutlery drawer, a bottle opener will always come in handy whenever there is a celebration and people are gearing up to drink and be merry.

Stubby coolers

A stubby cooler is like a blank canvas that you can design any which way you choose. A simple name and date, a beautiful graphic, quotes or even photos of you and your partner before your wedding day!

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