What type of bustle should I have?

Hello, I have an A-line wedding dress with horsehair trim. What do you recommend for the type of bustle?

Question Asked: 7/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Louise Alvarez Couture Bridal & Evening Wear


(27) Posted: 16/06/2021

What looks best really does depend on how full the skirt is, how long the train is and also on your height and figure shape. We often bustle the train by placing varying amouunts of hidden loops on the inside of the train hem, which can then be twisted up and looped onto a button at the waist. Some trains look better pulled up from under the skirt half way down or so and buttoned to the inside seam higher up. The person making or altering your gown would be able to advise you on what would work best, taking all of those things into account, best of luck!

(59) Posted: 9/06/2021

It depends on the length of the train but I believe adding button and hooks should be OK

Timeless Elegance

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(30) Posted: 9/06/2021

So much depends on a) the length of the train and, b) the shape of the train.  most of the time a bustle that clips up and sits somewhere underneath your bottom is most common, but if it is only a small train it could be lower.  When you go to have your alterations done, your seamstress should be able to advise you on the different options.  

JRW Bridal And Couture

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(8) Posted: 9/06/2021

Hi ??

It mostly depends on the style of your dress and length of the train. I am happy to advise you in depth if you send me images to joanne@jrwbridal.com.au

(8) Posted: 9/06/2021

Hi dear,

For an A-line gown, we attach the bustle to the bride's waistline, using a loop on the center train to hook up to a clear crystal on the gown's waistline. This is an easy way to gather your train whilst looking tidy and allowing you to move freely and dance the night away!

I hope this helps!

Lots of love

Bernice Fashions

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(28) Posted: 9/06/2021

Hello Bride to Be

Bustle that we would most likely suggest is the French Bustle that we do with ribbons that go underneath,  this makes it really easy for your bridal party to tie up so that you can party the night away.  We suggest ribbons as buttons don't always hold for the night depending on the weight of the train.  When we see a gown we tend to also give other options.

We hope that this may help as you plan your wedding.

(15) Posted: 9/06/2021

perfecting the fit of your dress, a seamstress will also tailor it to have a bustle by adding buttons, hooks, or ribbons to make it easier for you to walk post-ceremony.

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