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What length dress for a 4pm wedding for mother of the groom?

My son is getting married at 4pm, wondering what is an appropriate length dress to wear for this time of day?

Updated : 19/06/2023

6 answers

How many wedding dress appointments will I need?

Hi there. Wondering how many wedding dress appointments I should be factoring into my planning, including fittings and pickup? And how long they normally go for? Thanks.

Updated : 16/05/2023

8 answers

What's the best shapewear for under my wedding dress?

Specifically want some recommendations about shapewear that won't roll down.

Updated : 3/04/2023

6 answers

Tips for not dying of heat in 30 degree weather in a wedding dress?

We are having a destination wedding, likely Thailand or somewhere hot. How to keep cool, minimise sweat stains, any tips or what to pack appreciated!

Updated : 28/03/2023

6 answers

Are garters still popular with brides?

Wondering if garters are still worn very much, and also if the garter toss is popular.

Updated : 20/03/2023

10 answers

How can I make sure guests understand our dress code?

We want to have a formal/black tie wedding.

Updated : 27/02/2023

5 answers

Am I allowed to take photos of the dresses I try on?

I heard from a friend that this is sometimes not allowed at the dress fitting/appointment, but is this the norm? Feel like it will help me choose if I can see what I look like in photos.

Updated : 20/02/2023

7 answers

Veil lengths explained

Hello. I've bought my wedding dress and am now considering a veil. Are there any guidelines for which veil length typically goes with dress style? Or is it more about hair length/style? Would love some tips.

Updated : 20/02/2023

4 answers

How to travel with your wedding gown for a destination wedding

Hello, I'm getting married in Thailand in late 2023... starting to think about my wedding dress and wondered what's the best way to travel overseas with it, if you had any tips about packing it in my luggage, and then storage/care for it once I arrive? Thank you!

Updated : 21/11/2022

10 answers

Is it cheaper to buy a dress and get it altered or have it made from scratch?

I was surprised that the alterations quote for a dress I was looking at came in at $500... now I'm thinking is it better to have a dress made?

Updated : 14/11/2022

11 answers

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