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Recently asked questions

Updated : 15/03/2021

Is wedding dress hire still a thing? I don't like the idea of buying a dress I'll only wear once. There doesn't seem to be dress rental around, but I feel like it use to be? Would love some recommendations.
3 answers

Updated : 8/03/2021

My dream dress is a super fitted mermaid wedding gown - but without sounding crass - how does one pee in a dress like this? I've seen ones with a lace up back - but that seems like it would take ages to undo and do back up. I've heard of other brides simply not going for the whole night! Not keen on that idea.
5 answers

Updated : 9/02/2021

Are there any "rules" about who can see your wedding dress before the wedding?
4 answers

Updated : 3/12/2020

I don't want a bridesmaids dress either, and nothing too fancy. Any suggestions?
11 answers

Updated : 28/04/2020

Hi there, we are planning our wedding for next year and I know the dress needs to be ordered pretty early. Are wedding dress stores open at the moment? Are they doing online viewings or anything like that?
1 answers

Updated : 1/04/2020

Hi, I am getting married in August (fingers crossed) and I'm due to pick up my wedding dress at the end of May. I have seen on my wedding dress suppliers social media that they only provide a carry bag for dresses and obviously I want to look after the dress in the best possible way before the wedding. I am looking into purchasing a dress bag that will keep my dress safe before and after the wedding. Can you recommend any dress bags, places in Australia would be preferred.
1 answers

Updated : 7/08/2019

Hello, I was wondering what the best style of dress would be most suitable/appropriate for an 'casual/simple' morning wedding in August in Brisbane?
1 answers

Updated : 13/07/2019

Have you guys bought wedding dress online? I found an affordable lace dress at, but never heard them before, I really like the dress, just don't know if they are legal, what do you do when buying dress online?
2 answers

Updated : 13/06/2019

I am looking for a blue tulle wedding dress. I'm struggling to find anything so was wanting to know where I could find a designer that could make one or if you know of anywhere that would stock them?
3 answers

Updated : 5/06/2019

My husband and I are renewing our 20th wedding anniversary next year. Should I wear my wedding dress or should I buy something new?
2 answers