Is it OK to ask a celebrant to wear a costume at our wedding?

Hello! I've read some responses to celebrants dressing in a matching style etc. Is it rude to ask if they wouldn't mind wearing a costume? I've read somewhere a couple got married by batman and then the obvious Elvis option.. I like the idea of an iconic character and think it would be something to remember but wouldn't want to offend anyone or make it a bad experience. TIA

Question Asked: 15/03/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Chris White Celebrant

Canberra and surrounding Region

(5) Posted: 4/06/2022

Of course it is fine to ask, and they will give you an honest answer.  To be honest it is better to ask before you start to sign and move forward, so that the celebrant can be honest too and say yes or no in advance of any agreement signing.  Ive seen costumes work and fail.  Worked when the guests got into it too, failed when the guests did not.  I would be asking the couple to provide/hire the costume so that at least it is consistent with the theme and quality of what it is the couple is looking for. 

Gippsland Celebrant Services

Gippsland and Surrounding Areas

(0) Posted: 3/06/2022

It is not rude, after all it is your day, but not all celebrants might be open to dress ups so ask before you booked a celebrant. Also be prepared to cover the cost of the hire of the costume for the celebrant as they would be using it for your day. Adam, Gippsland Celebrant Services. 

(10) Posted: 21/03/2022

This is what I would call a 'themed wedding' and I'm sure they're lots of fun...but I haven't been asked to do one yet. I'm really looking forward to someone asking me to dress up in a steampunk or goth costume. Most Celebrants would be game enough to go along with a themed wedding but that all depends on whether you're talking about kilts and sporrans, Hawaiian shirts with leis or something else. If the costume is not something that can be put together from items in the closet, then I'm fairly certain the couple will incur the cost of hiring the outfit for their Celebrant.

Beccy Brooks Celebrant

Adelaide & Surrounds, South Australia, Hitching Australia-wide

(7) Posted: 25/08/2021

Ahhhhhhhh!!! So much YESSSSSS!!!!

Of course, you can request for your celebrant to wear a costume! The vast majority of celebrants I come across are SUPER open-minded and are born performers and love the excuse of having a bit of fun and this sounds AMAZING! 

It would be best to enquire about their feelings on the matter when requesting information on their services and also expect that the costs involved in buying, hiring or maintaining the costume would be also added as an additional fee. 

Sounds like a Hoot! I'd don an Elvis suit in a second! 

(3) Posted: 16/08/2021

Occluded, I would be happy o wear a costume to blend in with the bridal party.

My pleasure.


(25) Posted: 5/08/2021

Goodness YES!!!
I love my couples to really get into the ceremony. So If dress-up, cosplay, theme parties are your thing, then go for it!!!

Fiona Winwood Marriage Celebrant

Adelaide metro, McLaren Vale, Adelaide Hills, Kuitpo, Barossa Valley

(24) Posted: 25/05/2021

Awesome idea that would be so much fun depending on your theme. 

I've known a celebrant to wear an Elvis costume... 

Meggan Brummer - Sydney Celebrant Services

Sydney & Surrounds, Northern Beaches, Blue Mountains, Central Coast

(27) Posted: 17/05/2021

How much fun would that be! 

I'd LOVE it!

It's ok to ask and it's ok for them to answer!  :)

Mary Odgers

South Australia

(26) Posted: 7/05/2021

Some couples will elect to choose a 'theme' for their wedding celebration.... and may request that the celebrant appear on the day in 'costume' to add to the fun!

As a celebrant I would be happy to comply if this was the couples wish.

Treasured Ceremonies

Melbourne, All Suburbs, Mornington Peninsula, Geelong, Yarra Valley

(17) Posted: 7/05/2021

Yes you can, it is totally legal.

I had a surprise (to the guests) weddding , the bride was dressed as an angel, the groom as a devil and i was in a bishops outfit complete with mitre.
I have also had a Dr Who wedding and i was Captain Jack Harkness

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