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Short and Sweet

A bare bones ceremony with just us and your witnesses. We will get all your papers signed before the ceremony as per legislation, we say only the legal bits on the day and I get your papers to the registry after it's all done and dusted!

If this is your jam, have your people call my people.

This mini love-fest is $650...

Keeping it casual

This is for the casual lovers that don't want the frou frou of a big wedding or who just want to keep it low key- but also want a bit more than the short and sweet option.

Imagine your back garden or somewhere local, with a handful (or a couple of handfuls) of your mates watching you tie the knot in a comfy setting. I will create you a personalised ceremony that entertains you and your crowd, it just won't cut too much into the party so you guys can get stuck in to the fun times ASAP.

We will still do all the legal bits properly beforehand and on the day- it'll just be a super relaxed event when we do the hitching.

This sort of casual affair is $800...

All the things

This type of ceremony is the absolute bees knees- a love soirèe that will reach as far as the eye can see...

To get the ball rolling, we will have at least two meetings where I will be getting the nitty gritty about how you two ended up in front of a celebrant asking to be hitched. After this, I will let you guys have as much interaction with me as you need over email, phone, or in person, and we will certainly do a pre-ceremony rehearsal if you want one. With all the info you've given me, I will create a personalised ceremony that will  entertainingly tell your guests the story of how you all ended up together on such a glorious day. I'll make sure it totally nails your vibes and also throw a few chuckles through it (if appropriate, of course!). On the big day, all three of us will smash an awesome ceremony out of the park to set the tone for a bloody great party afterwards.. because that's what everyone is waiting for!!

I'll bring a PA so your guests can hear me tell your story and also (most importantly) hear you say your magic love words to each other.

I will make sure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted on the legal bits and make sure your papers make to the registry after the ceremony.

This personalised package is $900.. hit me up if this tickles your fancy!