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Short and Sweet

Short and sweet, but still a winner

  • A quick and low-key ceremony
  • Just us and your witnesses
  • Knocking it out with the minimum legal requirements

This mini love-fest is $650

Keeping it casual

This is for the lovers that don't want the frou frou of a big wedding

  • The short and sweet option with a few more people and a lot more fanfare
  • We will have a meeting or two so I can get the details of your story and so we can plan the day
  • Then I'll create you a relaxed, personalised ceremony
  • I'll make sure it all won't cut too much into the party so you guys can get stuck in to the fun times ASAP

This casual affair is $850

All the things

This ceremony is a love soirée that will reach as far as the eye can see...

  • We will have at least two meetings where we will get down to the nitty gritty of what you want for your day
  • I will create you a fully customised, personal ceremony that will have your guests swooning for days
  • I'll make sure the ceremony captures your vibes and throw a few chuckles through it (if appropriate, of course!)
  • I'll bring a PA so your guests can hear you say the magic love words to each other
  • On the big day, all three of us will smash an awesome ceremony out of the park to set the tone for a bloody great party afterwards... because that's what everyone is waiting for!

This extravaganza is $950

All my packages include:

  • An obligation free meeting- this way we can make sure we're a match for each other before locking anything in
  • Plenty of advice and suggestions for the ceremony where requested and required
  • Unlimited contact to ask those niggly questions and to get your head around things
  • My travel to and from the ceremony
  • Application of the Official Marriage Certificate through Births Deaths and Marriages