Stephanie and Nick cherish every moment at modern wedding in Sydney

Wedding: 02/11/2019

Posted by Lucy | 17 January, 2020

“When planning our wedding, we didn’t get caught up in the unimportant details, instead creating memorable experiences across each milestone,” says bride Stephanie, 28.

She married her beau, 35-year-old Nick on November 2, 2019. “We look at our life, our love, and ultimately our wedding, all as individual moments to enjoy with our nearest and dearest,” she says. “Life is about fun and sharing these experiences together.”

Stephanie says her and Nick cherish the small things in life, and it was the same for their wedding. “For example, we made a day of walking to our venue in Middle Head Harbour to suss out where we should get photos taken on our big day, with a bottle of champagne and French cheese… of course.”

The couple briefed their photographer and videographer to capture all the moments. THe smiles, tears and connections between everyone who was there. “We wanted to relive all the moments over and over!” smiles Stephanie.

Photos courtesy of Mint Photography.

The bride wore her hair in an elegant upstyle.

“Each moment was pure perfection felt from every guest, all the staff, each supplier, and most of all Nick and me,” smiles the bride.

The couple married at Burnt Orange, built in the 1920s.

Video by The Love Lens.

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Photos courtesy of Mint Photography.