Maddy and Jason ‘surrounded by love’ at chapel wedding in Melbourne

Wedding: 22/06/2019

Posted by Lucy | 17 September, 2019

Kids and weddings might be an undesirable mix for some brides and grooms — but Maddy and Jason embraced the presence of children at their chapel wedding on June 22, 2019.

“Our ceremony had a time for the children to come to the front of the church and hear about what marriage is in a way that was more accessible to them, and Jason’s mum did an amazing job of this,” smiles Maddy of the day at St Marks Camberwell Hall. “We sang, we danced, we praised and as we stood up to declare our covenant to one another in front of our friends and family — we felt so blessed and surrounded by love; even as Jason accidentally put the wrong ring on my finger!”

The couple said they had several hurdles in the lead up to the day, but it made their vows even stronger. “There were some serious challenges that prepared us for the vows we were to say to one another: ‘for better for worse, in sickness and in health’. But through the whole of it, the community of love and support around us, and our commitment and confidence in this being good and of God was what brought us to the day.”

For Maddy and Jason, the day was really about making the ones they love happy. “We wanted to nourish people’s bodies, hearts, and souls as they encountered the loving community we are immersed in,” recalls Maddy.

Photos courtesy of Not Negative Photography.

Groom Jason was dressed by Formal Red.

“For Jason and I, having time to take photos with our bridal party that will make us laugh heartily for years to come” was a highlight, recalls the bride.

“Our wedding was about our covenant to one another for life and not just when it feels good,” explains the bride.

“Everyone invited to our ceremony was welcome to cram into the hall next door and feast at our cocktail style reception with a smorgasbord of rustic, wholesome, healthy, and beautiful food,” says Maddy.

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Photos courtesy of Not Negative Photography.