Just like Hollywood: Movieworld meeting leads to classic wedding

Wedding: 23/05/2015

Posted by Lucy | 18 April, 2016

Letitia Apted and Jamie Robinson met while they were both working at Movieworld – five years later and Jamie’s proposal was the stuff of a Hollywood rom-com.

Jamie, 26, had organised for him and Leititia, 25, to spend a long weekend at a hotel in their hometown of the Gold Coast, planning a special surprise while they were there.

“Jamie had organised with the concierge to have our room set up with champagne and roses with the ring and a letter from him for when we arrived. We went up to the room and it was empty. Jamie said his heart sank right down to the bottom floor,” Letitia says.

A trip downstairs and a short walk later and the couple returned to a different scene. “It was all perfectly set up,” Letitia says. “We both cried and he only just managed to get out ‘Will you marry me?'” she says.

The couple spent just over a year planning their classic wedding and the bride says it wasn’t short of stressful moments – first they were forced to change their venue and then their florist moved interstate. While a concern at the time, Letitia says the changes ended up improving the big day.

She and Jamie wed at Braeside Chapel on the Gold Coast on May 23, 2014 in front of 55 guests. “Braeside ended up being the perfect spot and all our guests commented on how picturesque the venue was,” Letitia says. Celebrations then moved to Parkwood International.

“Our wedding was totally true to us and a true reflection of us as a couple,” Letitia says. “Everyone had a great time and there was plenty of laughter.”

Photos courtesy of Leigh Warner Weddings.

Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_003 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_005
Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_006 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_001




Blue with lace detailing was the gown of choice for Letitia’s bridesmaid.


Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_007 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_008


Pretty blooms in pink, white and mauve shades made for an eye-catching bouquet.



Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_011 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_012

Violinist Frank Fodor provided emotional music at the couple’s ceremony.






“My oldest and best friend is a guy so I made the decision to have a ‘bridesman’. I am so happy I stuck to my guns, did away with tradition and had my best friend standing on my side with my other female best friend,” Letitia says.

Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_016 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_017




Letitia added a little extra sparkle to her gown by accessorising with an elegant necklace, bracelet and earings.


Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_029 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_023



“Jamie and I are best friends and have a special way of making each other happy whilst at the same time challenging each other,” Letitia says.


Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_SBS_031 Letitia_Jamie_Classic-Wedding_043



Letitia’s gorgeous rings were sourced from Michael Hill Jeweller.


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