Dog brings celebrations to a halt at the bush wedding of Shaleigh and Rhys

Wedding: 12/10/2019

Posted by Lucy | 30 March, 2020

A basset hound on the loose dragging around a metal chair she was tied to is the kind of wedding mayhem you expect to see in the movies.

But thankfully, the beautiful photos and video captured at Shaleigh and Rhys’s bush wedding on October 12, 2019, were anything but a disaster.

The pair married at Wildwood, Kangaroo Valley in NSW. They had always planned on including their beloved dog Bella in their special day.

“During the time of photos it rained and didn’t stop until around 8pm when we did our first dance,” recalls the bride. “My dress got trashed as you could tell in some photos. My basset hound, Bella, was tied to a metal chair. Once the chair was moved she got scared and ran off, nearly losing the cake then she ventured off through the venue with the chair still tied to her.”

Luckily, groom Rhys chased her down. “It was scary but funny at the same time,” laughs Shaleigh.

Photos courtesy of Translucent Photography.

Shaleigh found her stunning strapless gown at Ferrari Formalwear & Bridal.

Wildwood is the perfect venue for a bush-style wedding day.

The rain came down the entire time the couple got photos, but made for some beautiful shots.


The troublemaker.

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Photos courtesy of Translucent Photography.