Cyndi & Steve serve up 10-course banquet at fusion wedding

Wedding: 28/03/2015

Posted by Lucy | 1 June, 2015

It took Steve Sedecki eight years to work up the courage to ask Cyndi Nguyen out.

“We were friends at work for so long,” Cyndi, 29, recalls.

“I tried to ask him for his number many times and every time I got the same number – his work number – the man didn’t get the hint.”

Finally, though, Steve, 35, did get the hint and the Adelaide pair have been inseparable ever since.

The couple wanted to celebrate their Vietnamese and Polish heritage and so opted for a fusion wedding on March 28, 2015.

The loved-up pair wed at St Michael’s College Chapel, at Steve’s old school, in front of 150 friends and family.

The perfectly-styled reception was held at Casa D’Abruzzo Molise Club, where the bride let a 10-course banquet do the talking.

“Being Asian – we wanted to showcase our Asian food to my new Polish family. They came into the reception, not knowing how to use chopsticks… needless to say, they do now,” Cyndi says.

“I didn’t want anyone to go home hungry.”

Photos courtesy of Linda Tobitt.







It was lucky number seven for Cyndi whose Stella York dress was the seventh design she tried on. “I never wanted to take it off,” she says.





Cyndi says,”Both people who caught our bouquet and garter are now engaged, within one week of each other. So excited for them.”

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