Ciao, bella: Lucinda and Sean set sail for Italian elopement

Wedding: 14/07/2017

Posted by Lucy | 14 November, 2017

A chance European getaway gave Lucinda and Sean the perfect opportunity to elope.

“Our holiday was only six months away when we decided we would get married; we went into hectic research and planning mode,” Lucinda, 37, says.

The Italian elopement was a big step for the bride, who never imagined marriage and family life would be for her.

That changed when she met Sean, 51, at university and planned a road trip around Australia after graduation.

“Then I fell pregnant. It was a surprise but one that we fell in love with quickly. In a very short period, our lives totally changed. With Sean by my side, my entire perception changed. For the first time in my life I could see myself as a mother, with children and a family,” Lucinda says.

The couple would have two children in quick succession and Lucinda says her family has “changed her world with unconditional love and support.”

With their young family in tow, Lucinda and Sean made their way to Lake Orta, Italy for the ceremony on July 14, 2017.

“With the amazing support and from my best friend and fiancé we planned everything together in secret,” Lucinda says.

The family camped nearby and before the wedding Lucinda posted a cryptic announcement for people to tune in at 7pm Queensland time.

“I arrived at the venue via boat and immediately saw my husband filming my arrival for all to see, which was being live-streamed on Facebook,” she says.

“My heart exploded with love as our two beautiful babies ran over to join me, our ceremony was very intimate, yet also very public. I held our daughter in my arms and our son by our side; it felt like our whole little family was married that day, my son calls it ‘our wedding’. It was an incredible and truly unforgettable day.”

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In planning the elopement, Lucinda says it was vital to pick a gown that would travel well. She opted for a classic strapless lace dress with a fishtail hemline.







Sean looked the part for the sunny Italian elopement in a sand coloured suit from Roger David.







Following the waterside ceremony, the couple celebrated their marriage at a local restaurant.



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