What’s new at Easy Weddings: Instagram Integration

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Updated on: August 9, 2017

Those of you that are using WedCRM, our new CRM for the wedding industry, may have noticed a new feature this week. Easy Weddings now has an Instagram integration!

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Directly on your storefront, couples will now be able to see your Instagram feed. This will enable them to see additional content from you right there and then without going between platforms. It also means they will be able to follow you on Instagram if they’d like to.

You can now see Bluebell Bridal's Instagram linked directly on their storefront.
You can now see Bluebell Bridal’s Instagram linked directly on their storefront.

To add your Instagram to your storefront, simply log in to WedCRM, click on the storefront module on the left, then select the “images” tab. Directly underneath your hero images, you will see a field to input your Instagram handle, then simply tick the box next to the field to enable Instagram.

When you add your Instagram handle to WedCRM, be sure to add it without an “@”. Just simply type in your username, for example, “easyweddings” to link it to your storefront.

Bells Functions Instagram Feed
Bells Functions Instagram Feed

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