Protecting Your Wedding Business from Scams

Updated on: November 13, 2023

As we head into the bustling wedding and holiday season, we want to take a moment to remind our wedding suppliers to remain vigilant with digital communications, to ensure that your experience with Easy Weddings remains secure and enjoyable.

Recently, we’ve identified an increase in online scams targeting our valued suppliers, and your safety is our top priority. One notable phishing attempt involves fake leads from individuals posing as Richard Carter and Julie Mils, seemingly originating from Easy Weddings.

We’ve blocked these users in our system; however if the same scam comes through a new fake account, please be wary of clicking any PDF links sent to you by couples. This is not usual behaviour and if it sounds fishy, it likely is.

These incidents highlight the importance of staying informed and proactive in protecting your business.

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How to Spot a Scam

To safeguard your business and personal information, please be on the lookout for the following red flags:

  1. Bogus Leads: If you receive an enquiry from names like Richard Carter or Julie Mils, or emails from addresses such as julie.m, j.mils, or julie.mils, exercise caution and do not respond. These may not be legitimate enquiries.
  2. Unusual Requests: Be wary of requests to add users on Instagram or solicitations for passwords and personal information, like confirming your bank details. Always refrain from sharing sensitive details online.
  3. Suspicious Links: Avoid clicking on suspicious links or opening suspicious PDFs like the request pictured below. Double-check the authenticity of URLs before engaging with them.
  4. Unauthorised Email Addresses: Check the sender’s email address. If the email claims to be from a well-known organisation but is sent from a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo account, it is probably a scam.
An example of a phishing scam posing as an enquiry from a potential couple on Easy Weddings.

Strengthening Your Defenses

To enhance the security of your Easy Weddings account and overall online presence, consider implementing the following measures:

  • Use unique passwords for each of your online accounts to minimise the impact of a potential breach.
  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA), especially on your social media accounts.

We understand that these situations can be frustrating, and we appreciate your patience. Your ongoing vigilance is crucial in maintaining a secure community, as an additional layer of security against unauthorised access.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

Your vigilance is integral in maintaining a secure community. If you encounter any unusual activity or suspect a scam with your Easy Weddings account, notify us promptly. Together, we can create a safer space for all our suppliers.

For additional information and resources on recognising and avoiding scams, we recommend visiting

If you aren’t yet online with Easy Weddings and would like to see how we can help increase your brand presence and help book more weddings, submit an online enquiry form, here, and we’ll be in touch.

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