Unveiling the 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report

Updated on: January 25, 2024

Easy Weddings, Australia’s most used wedding marketplace and resource, has released its anticipated annual report — 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report. In its 9th edition, this comprehensive and in-depth overview offers a fascinating glimpse into the ever-evolving Australian wedding landscape.

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The 56-page report is the result of an extensive research effort, compiling insights from a wide range of sources. These include survey responses from over 4,200 engaged and newlywed couples, inputs from nearly 600 wedding businesses, feedback from the brand’s 49,000 Instagram followers, and valuable spending data contributed by thousands of couples who use the Easy Weddings platform.

Exploring the Heart of Australian Weddings

The 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report dives deep into the planning and spending behaviours of engaged couples set to exchange vows in 2024 and beyond.

It examines many factors, including the latest trends, the ever-evolving social dynamics, and economic considerations that help shape each couple’s wedding day.

This report is like a compass for navigating the vast landscape of Australian weddings.

Easy Weddings: The Trusted First Step

According to Priya Kanniappan, Easy Weddings Marketing Director, the report’s findings confirm what many have suspected:

“Our research shows us that our website is the first place couples go to start planning their wedding. We’re proud to see that Easy Weddings continues to be Australia’s number one source of truth for planning a wedding and the most used marketplace for Aussie couples.”

The report highlights an impressive statistic: Almost a third of couples (31%) first discover their wedding vendors on the Easy Weddings marketplace. This outpaces other common sources like Google and search engines (21%), social media (19%), and recommendations from friends, family, and wedding planners.

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Tech Trends in Wedding Planning

Technology plays a more significant role in how couples connect and make decisions. Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble are the meeting grounds for 28% of engaged couples.

Moreover, a whopping 81% of couples prefer to communicate with their wedding suppliers via email, demonstrating the continued importance of efficient digital communication in the wedding industry.

Budgets and Economic Pressures

One of the most notable findings is the evolving landscape of wedding budgets. The report reveals that the average cost of a wedding in Australia is currently $33,810, showing a slight decrease of -2.5% Year on Year.

This trend is driven by several factors, including increased supplier costs, as couples invest more in individual services. However, not all vendors are receiving the same volume of bookings as in previous years.

In response, budget-conscious couples are adjusting their plans, either by forgoing some elements or embracing DIY options to meet budget constraints and combat the rising cost of living.

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Easy Weddings’ Vision and Future

Speaking of Easy Weddings’ vision and growth, Priya Kanniappan shared, “The brand was launched 23 years ago to make wedding planning simpler for everyday Australians.

“Today, the platform and app are used by 80% of couples, making planning their day a breeze, while offering thousands of wedding suppliers a platform to boost visibility and grow their business.”

The recent launch of our Packages and Destination Weddings services continues to put newly engaged couples at the forefront, helping them to plan their big day with ease and confidence”. Looking forward, Priya expressed excitement about the opportunities for innovation, adaptation, and growth, both for Easy Weddings and the industry as a whole.

Engagement Season’s Perfect Timing

Just in time for the most popular engagement period of the year, the 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report‘s release coincides with December, which accounted for 13% of last year’s total proposals.

Traditionally, December to January sees the highest number of engagements each year, followed by other peak holiday periods and long weekends. Interestingly, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were among the most popular days for couples to say “Yes” to a lifetime together.

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For wedding industry professionals and couples alike, the 2024 Australian Wedding Industry Report is a treasure trove of insights.


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Stay tuned to Easy Weddings for more updates and insights as we continue to uncover the ever-evolving world of weddings in Australia.

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