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Updated on: April 10, 2019

Reviews are one of the most important tools in your arsenal and will help a couple decide whether or not they want to enquire with you.

At Easy Weddings, we pride ourselves on having the most reliable database of wedding reviews in Australia, with more than 230,000+ verified reviews on site. Our policy of having a couple leave 5 reviews has meant that every review is legitimate and no business is being unreliably reviewed for providing their services.

However, we also know that reviews are one of the hardest pieces of content for businesses to pull together as you have to rely on external resources to actually get them. And we wanted to make sure that we listened to your feedback to make it easier for you to gather those reviews.

So we’ve introduced a single review system that can both make it easier for you to get reviews from couples without them having to leave a review for another business, as well as make sure our reviews system remains secure.

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How the single review system works

While couples are still required to leave 5 reviews for suppliers if they come through the reviews section of Easy Weddings, you are able to send an individual link to your couples specifically for them to review your business.

This individual link is tailored to each business and will direct the couple to a page where they can leave that single review. The single review page asks the same questions as our multi-review page as well, so you’re not losing out on any information.

You can access your special single review link by logging into WedCRM:

  1. Click on the tab titled ‘reviews’ on the left-hand side of the page
  2. Once the reviews page is open click on the tab labelled ‘request reviews’ at the top of the page
  3. Copy and paste your tailored link under the heading ‘supplier review page’ at the top of the page
single reviews
Where to find your single reviews link in WedCRM
single reviews
What your single review page will look like

When to ask for reviews

We all know that we’re working with couples who are getting married, and what often comes after the wedding? The honeymoon!

We recommend touching base with a couple for their review two weeks after you’ve worked on their wedding, rather than straight away. With most couples heading on their honeymoon in the week after their wedding and travelling for between one and two weeks, this means that your contact isn’t going to get lost while they’re away.

It also means that you’re touching base with most of your couples just after they return from their honeymoon, so they’re still going to be feeling the warm glow and happy feelings from their big day!

single reviews

How many times to ask for reviews

Data shows that if you ask for a review from a couple once you have a 1 in 5 chance of receiving that review. However, if you ask twice you have a 1 in 3 chance!

Make sure you’re contacting your couples at least twice for their review when you’re trying to get more content. You’ll also increase your chances of receiving reviews if you factor in the when you’re asking them, not just after their honeymoon but the time of day as well.

single reviews

How many reviews you should have

We recommend having 11+ reviews on Easy Weddings to really get the most out of our partnership. Our data analysts have crunched the numbers and found that 1 review will give you a 25% increase in results.

However, 11 or more reviews will give you a 200% increase in your results. So try to ask a different couple for a review at least once a month, if not more, to keep the momentum going.

For those who get even more reviews, 40+ reviews give you a 300% increase in results!

single reviews

Login to WedCRM here to get access to your single reviews link.

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