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Updated on: August 5, 2017

Meet Shanuka, one of our newest web developers. We spoke to Shanuka about his IT skills, his vast experience in web development and why he joined the Easy Weddings running club.


What do you do at Easy Weddings?

At Easy Weddings, I work as a Senior Web Developer in IT RnD. I am working with many of the internal web application systems, researching and expanding their many functionalities. I have also been working on standardizing the existing code base, refactoring the existing code to encompass industry best practices like clean architecture. Put in short, I together with my colleagues work on making the Easy Weddings IT systems a pleasant experience for everyone in the Easy Weddings ecosystem.

What did you do before you joined Easy Weddings?

Before joining Easy Weddings I worked at the Swedish based global ERP company Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS). There I worked as a Software Engineer. I mainly worked on the company’s website which consisted over 20,000 web pages in 24 languages.

What do you like best about working at EW?

The best thing about Easy Weddings is the company’s unique culture. It’s more like an Easy Weddings family. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. The management help and encourage you to grow professionally as well as personally.

What’s something fun we don’t know about you?

Well, as a more than half geek, for me anything out of the ordinary day to day activities would be fun I guess!
My biggest hobby is trying out different food and exploring different food cultures. Recently I started to work out and stay fit so I joined the Easy Weddings running club, however, the interesting thing would be why? Well, the answer is that I became a dad a year ago, and I really want to keep up and not fall behind my daughter when she is growing up. Sometimes I also pretend to act like a comedian, but only in front of my wife!

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