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Updated on: May 14, 2019

We’ve become aware of a few recent scams in the industry would like to warn you to keep your eyes and ears open for any suspicious activity through your Easy Weddings storefront, phone number, or even your own personal business details.

It seems that Easy Weddings has recently been the target of scam activity and we are trying to get to the bottom of these as quickly as possible. We have already made some leeway with them to stop this scam activity and will continue to monitor this.

But in the meantime, we would like all of our suppliers to remain vigilant around what correspondence is coming to your business. And please be assured that you can trust us to get to the bottom of this as soon as we are able to make Easy Weddings a safe place for all our suppliers.

You can report any scam in Australia to the ACCC and Scamwatch here.

If you have any issues or questions please get in touch with us at

Please be aware of the following scam that has been targeting wedding suppliers in Australia.

Scammers posturing as Easy Weddings

This scam includes people pretending to be an external company calling suppliers claiming to be calling on behalf of Easy Weddings, or pretending to be Easy Weddings staff. This company will say that we have told them we are having difficulty delivering leads and try to sell you a package and get credit card details from you.

We have managed to reduce the number of these calls but are still working on getting to the bottom of the scam completely. In the meantime please keep an eye out for the following:

How the scam works:

  1. Someone will call you pretending to be from Easy Weddings or calling on behalf of Easy Weddings saying that we are having difficulty delivery leads
  2. They will try to sell you an alternative package for more leads and get credit card details from you
  3. This call may come through your own phone number, or your call dynamic phone number on your Easy Weddings storefront, making it look like it’s from a couple
  4. They may also attempt to call you multiple times with no voicemail

What to do:

  1. Check what number it’s coming from – if it’s coming through your couple leads it’s a scam
  2. Keep an ear out for any company pretending to be calling on behalf of Easy Weddings – we will never have an external agency calling on behalf of clients
  3. Do not give your credit card or business details out over the phone to anyone you are not already familiar with at Easy Weddings
  4. Alternatively – hang up and call our official office number on 1800 155 122 and ask for the person you have already been speaking with
  5. Forward any scams through to Easy Weddings so we can stop it as soon as possible
  6. Report the scam to the ACCC
  7. If you do ever have questions about the leads coming through to your storefront – contact us directly

Report any scam activity to the ACCC and email us at so we can also address it.

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