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Updated on: July 14, 2017

So, you know that there’s a review section on your storefront- but do you know how much your results increase by getting your Easy Weddings review number up? Here’s how our review system works and how we can help you to get maximum results.

The best rating

What are reviews for

Reviews are created by couples that provide feedback regarding their experience with the suppliers that they used on their wedding day. This assists other couples to find credible suppliers through Easy Weddings.  

This helps the wedding industry as it encourages businesses to stay accountable for the outcome of their services.

Coming up to 200,000 verified reviews from real couples, Easy Weddings is the largest and most accurate and credible resource for wedding supplier reviews.

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Why are reviews important

So as consumers, we are always looking for ways to help us decide on what product or service to choose. 88% of people check reviews before making a decision.

Our research shows-  1 review increases your results by 25% where 11 reviews increase your results by 201%!

Questionnaire form

How to get reviews

There are a few ways you are able to get couples to make a review of your business, One of those are submitting your couple through WedCRM, where you are able to  submit the names of your couple where they will then receive two emails requesting their review and then will be attempted to contact up to 3 times by our customer service team. We find that brides and grooms are more than happy to talk about their big day and review their suppliers.

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In WedCRM, if you select the reviews module, then click across to the “request reviews tab”, you will find this screen.

You also have the option of using our template that we have created that you are able to copy and paste into an email and send it to your clients directly. Within this email, it will direct them to our online review portal where they can write their reviews online. By doing this, they also get access to our exclusive deals platform, which is pretty cool. We have partnerships now with brands such as pottery barn and Sephora to make it worth their while!

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What to do with them

When you receive a review, reply! Thank them for their review and in the case that it is a disgruntled past client, either address the situation in public forum or let them know that you will be contacting them directly to address their concerns.

Your Easy Weddings reviews will appear in your storefront, and they will also appear when you are searched on Google! See below for an example for Triple R Luxury Car Hire. 

triple r
Triple R Luxury Car Hire

You also have the option to use our review widget to display your reviews on your own website. If you need help with this we will also post some instructions on the Pro Ed FB page or you can always contact our customer service team!

Assessment time

What is the process

As most of you may be aware, we require 5 reviews per bride or groom to ensure the legitimacy of the person making the reviews and also to get a variety of reviews.

People are likely to review something that we felt was a specifically bad or exceptionally good, this way we are able to get a good indication of services across the board from our suppliers and therefore, a more accurate reflection of the services provided.

We make sure that each of our reviews is correct and accurate to protect our suppliers.

We know that it takes a little bit more time for couples to review 5 businesses than one, but this benefits two-fold, it means our Easy Weddings community are helping each other by asking their couples to review them and in turn, 4 or more others will also receive reviews.

Brides/Grooms do not need to be registered with us to provide reviews.

Also, couples are able to review any supplier, not just those registered with Easy Weddings.

All of our reviews are manually approved to ensure the authenticity. This works in the supplier’s favour as this means no one can intentionally harm the reputation of your business and also that suppliers cannot create multiple reviews for their business. We have various ways of tracking this to make sure that our reviews system stays accurate and honest.


So get your couples submitted to us and get your Easy Weddings review numbers up to generate more enquiries!

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