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Updated on: August 25, 2016

There’s a new way to drive more views and enquiries to your Easy Weddings’ Storefront. Simply, show off your street cred, offer helpful advice and become a couple’s go-to person for their wedding planning dilemmas.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice is a new Directory feature that allows brides to seek expert opinion, advice or helpful tips on any aspect of wedding planning, and get quick answers from wedding professionals on Easy Weddings. Questions may include recommendations on the best flowers for an autumn wedding, a selection of classic wedding songs, grazing menu ideas, or the latest trends in wedding dresses.

For wedding professionals, it’s the perfect way to show your street cred by helping couples with their wedding dilemmas and pointing them in the right direction. The more you participate in Expert Advice, the more you earn a reputation for being a knowledgeable, helpful and proactive wedding expert.

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The new Storefront features Expert Advice, allowing brides to post wedding planning questions and dilemmas and get quick answers from wedding experts.

How it works

1. A couple seeks advice by posting on Expert Advice.

If the question or issue raised is relevant to your category, you’ll receive an email alert requesting you to share your expert opinion.  View recent questions. 

2. Suppliers respond.

Each time you respond to an issue or question, you become part of a panel of experts. Your response will be published to your Storefront and made available to other couples. We recommend you respond promptly, offer generous advice, and be as helpful as possible.

3. Responses are curated, upvoted and featured.

The question or issue raised by couples is likely to attract multiple responses from other wedding professionals in your category. These responses will be curated and published for all couples to view. Couples can also upvote questions they find helpful. Each week, the most popular or upvoted questions will feature on various channels including the weekly brides’ newsletter, blog and social media.


Free additional exposure

Each time a couple posts an issue or question on Expert Advice, responses from our panel of experts that address the issue or question are curated into a dedicated page, and becomes easily accessible to everyone. This page is promoted within the Easy Weddings ecosystem including the category pages, weekly brides’ newsletter, Facebook, and blog. When you participate in a panel, your Storefront is featured next to your response. This means couples can easily click-through and visit your Storefront. Therefore, the more you participate and provide valuable, highly considered advice, the more likely you’ll attract potential customers to your Storefront.

Show off your street cred

Your responses on Expert Advice are published to your Storefront and seen by couples who may be considering you. Being proactive on Expert Advice could help increase conversions in your Storefront.

Build a strong brand

Create a reputation for being the most helpful, knowledgeable and reliable professional in your category by becoming the go-to person for couples who need help.

View recent questions >>

Question and Answer

Question and Answer is a new feature that allows couples to post pre-sale questions specific to your product or service. It works in a similar way as Expert Advice and is one of the eight tabs on your Storefront.  When you respond to a question, your answer will be published on your Storefront for other couples to view.

Questions posted on Q&A are specific to your business so it’s important to respond immediately and treat these pre-sale questions as a matter of priority. It could mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

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