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Updated on: July 2, 2018

When you’re operating as an innovative business it’s good to try new things. Whether that’s trialing a new project or offering staff a new initiative, being an innovative company means that sometimes you’ll operate outside of your comfort zones.

So at the end of June we tried something brand new at Easy Weddings, by celebrating National Take Your Dog To Work Day on June 22.

bring your dog to work day

We put on a morning tea for staff, with a gold coin donation raising more than $65 for the RSCPA and the pets without furever homes. We also hosted a ‘best dressed competition’ for the dogs, with Riley and Tyler taking out the joint first prize of tennis balls and a fancy new collar.

But more importantly we had fun. Staff enjoyed the day, whether they were bringing in their own dog or relishing in the pats and licks from other dogs in the office. Each department had their own furry staff member for the day to play with and pat, and while there were one or two little accidents, it was a great day for all.

Having fun and trying new things are a great way to boost morale in the office as well as remind staff that you’re not just about the daily grind. Plus, it’s a great way for employees to let their hair down and open up more conversations between deparments.

Plus everyone likes dogs, right?

Meet the team



One of the winners of our ‘best dressed’ dog competition, this good boy was a favourite of the office and spent most of his time downstairs with his owner in IT. His playful nature and bouncy composition meant that everyone got their fair share of pats, and he wasn’t afraid of running up and down the stairs between floors to make sure that all the love was shared around equally.

bring your dog to work day


Contrary to what it looks like, Rocky is not one to lie down on the job. He was alert throughout the day and ready to bounce up and into action. He also made particular friends with fellow youngster Raven.

bring your dog to work day


Don’t let her size fool you. This young pup was a late arrival and missed the ‘best dressed’ competition, which she surely would have won hands down in that brilliant unicorn getup.

bring your dog to work day



By far the most demure of the group, Macey is an office dog dream. Quiet yet friendly, she was the perfect non-disruptive dog for future Bring Your Dog To Work Days (they’re happening, right?)

bring your dog to work day


The complete opposite of Macey, Toby was ready to get down to business! His main focus was staring at his ring toys and trying to persuade the staff in sales and customer service to play fetch all day long. He also sported an excellent dinosaur costume for the ‘best dressed’ competition.

bring your dog to work day



This happy old-timer did what most oldies do and called the day early, but not before taking home a brand new collar. He’s gentle, fluffy, ready to help out, and has definitely aged gracefully. Just look at that happy face.

bring your dog to work day



Last, but certainly not least, is our marketing dog Zeus. Zeus divided his time playing with Tyler in IT and keeping reception company, making sure to alert the office of any new humans who came to the door (including the postman!) However, he was most displeased about being pulled into a long meeting on a Friday.

bring your dog to work day

We don’t just play with dogs all day! See more news from Easy Weddings here.

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