Celebrating the Best of the Best: Our 5 Star Supplier Award Winners of 2023

Updated on: July 6, 2023

In an industry where top-notch service is EVERYTHING, it’s time to give a big shoutout to the absolute rockstars of the wedding biz! We’re thrilled to recognise the winners of the Easy Weddings 5 Star Supplier Awards for 2023.

Each year, Australia’s largest and most reputable digital wedding platform, Easy Weddings, recognises the trailblazers of the wedding biz, who have set the bar sky-high as industry leaders. These incredible suppliers have gone above and beyond to make our couples’ dreams come true, and we couldn’t be prouder to recognise their outstanding efforts.

This year, an impressive 1015 wedding suppliers qualified for the coveted award, and will each receive a Certificate of Excellence for their exceptional service throughout the financial year 2022-23. Their dedication to providing outstanding service has been acknowledged by more than 8000 couples, setting them apart as leaders in the industry.

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These suppliers have consistently received 5-star reviews on Easy Weddings while maintaining a star rating of 4.5 or above. Let’s give them the applause they truly deserve!

Easy Weddings CEO and Founder, Matt Butterworth congratulated the 5 Star Suppliers of 2023 for their dedication to outstanding customer service throughout FY23.

“The Easy Weddings Certificate of Excellence recipients of 2023 have been recognised as trusted leaders in the industry.

“As we celebrate their achievements, let us recognise the pivotal role these suppliers play in creating unforgettable wedding experiences for our couples.

“These award-winning suppliers have shown their expertise, professionalism, and ability to consistently deliver unforgettable experiences to couples on the biggest day of their life. Thank you for making us proud.”

Setting the Industry Standard for Excellence

The 5 Star Supplier Award winners of 2023 have garnered immense praise from their clients, amassing a total of 14,020 reviews from 8,008 couples on Easy Weddings.

These glowing testimonials reflect the outstanding experiences and the exceptional service provided by Australia’s top wedding suppliers. From breathtaking venues to personable celebrants, talented photographers, creative florists, and other service providers, these suppliers have truly elevated the wedding industry through their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Easy Weddings 5 Star Supplier Award holds immense prestige in the wedding industry. Being recognised as a top-rated supplier not only highlights the supplier’s commitment to exceptional service but also sets an industry benchmark for excellence.

To our award winners of 2023 – a heartfelt congratulations on behalf of Team Easy Weddings and our couples. May your continued success inspire others within the wedding industry to reach the same level of excellence.

We encourage each of you to download and print your 2023 Certificate of Excellence. Place it in a frame and display it proudly at their place of business or home office as a reminder of their success, and to impress and reassure future couples. And don’t forget to brag about it on social media – you’ve deserved it!

Celebrating 23 Years of Easy Weddings

Easy Weddings is celebrating its 23rd year as Australia’s largest and longest-running digital wedding platform. Throughout its journey, Easy Weddings has become synonymous with trust, quality, and reliability for engaged couples and suppliers. The 5 Star Supplier Award winners of 2023 have been acknowledged by this esteemed platform, further reinforcing their reputation as trusted leaders in the wedding industry.

Remember: Asking for a review once will generally get a response from 1 in 5 couples, but asking twice will up your response rate to 1 in 3.

If you haven’t yet read our previous article How to ask for reviews and why they add value to your business, you should start there. It offers some excellent tips on getting more couples to review you and also includes a customisable template to help you request reviews.r article How to ask for (and get) more reviews.

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Can I display my reviews on my own website?

You sure can! Tell potential customers that you’re a top-rated Easy Weddings supplier by adding a Reviews Widget to your website. Once installed, the widget duplicates your Easy Weddings reviews on your website.

To install our Reviews Widget,  click on the Website Resources tab on the left-hand side tab of your WedCRM. There are a few customisation options to choose from.

Once you decide how you’d like your Review Widget to appear on your website, click the “Step 2. Copy & Paste Code” button. Simply copy the HTML code or Javascript tag and paste it into your website.

If you aren’t yet online with Easy Weddings and would like to be in the running for a 5 Star Supplier Award next year, submit an online enquiry form, here, and we’ll be in touch.

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