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Q: Do you have any advice on what to look for in a wedding venue?

“There are so many options, I was wondering what I should keep in mind.”

A: by The Holroyd Centre

“Firstly, it’s important to know what you and your fiance want, what you both like/don’t like, what are your must-haves, and what are your negotiables. Here’s some more things to consider: Are you looking for a venue that will plan with you and provide you with experience and industry contacts? Are you looking for a venue that can help with Ceremony to Celebration offers? How many guests? What’s your budget? What is your desired wedding date – is it during the peak of the wedding season? Is the venue even available? Is the venue easily accessible, and does it have easy parking options available? What do they offer included in their price, and are there any add-on expenses? Hope this helps.”

Q: Is an on-site venue coordinator usually included in venue packages?

A: by Chateau Wyuna

“Absolutely- this is critical. The coordinator should also be the person who conducts your planning meeting ideally 6 to 8 weeks before your big day, as this ensures they will understand the intricacies of your day and get to know you as a couple. You do not want the first time you meet your coordinator to be on your wedding day.”

Q: How soon before the wedding are you usually able to go in and check the decor is up to scratch?

“I may come across as a bridezilla, but I want to check that the venue is perfect before the wedding! Are you usually allowed in prior? I haven’t booked my venue yet but I’m looking, and this is really important to me.”

A: by Taronga Centre

“Access to rooms can vary depending on the bookings surrounding your event. The majority of your suppliers will prefer access to your room on the day of your event and, while you will be able to go in during this time, the set up will most likely still be underway. We recommend providing as much information as possible to your onsite coordinator who will oversee your decor and supplier schedule.”

Q: How to make your ceremony and reception work in one location?

“I’m planning to have both my ceremony and my reception in the same room. How would I change the decor etc if everyone’s still in there?”

A: by The Retreat Port Stephens

“Here are some options: After the wedding, if there is an option of an outdoor area, you could have some outdoor games. Or, you could use the ceremony area as the cocktail and dance floor. Or, you could look at having a photo booth or guest photo opportunities at one section of the room to allow for changes. Or, you could have a cocktail style reception with bar tables and stools, and this could be incorporated into the ceremony space if the space is small.”

Q: How many guests qualifies as a small wedding?

“Do venues usually have a minimum?”

A: by Taronga Centre

“There is no definite number that determines a small wedding and it can really depend on the venue space. Our smallest space can hold up to 60 guests for a seated menu, so we often refer to events using this space as a more intimate wedding.”

A: Are there any things that aren’t allowed in most venues?

“I know most can’t have confetti… and some no glitter. But is there anything else I should be wary of?”

Q: by AL-RU Farm Pty Ltd and The Wild Goose at Noble Falls Estate

“You will find most garden venues do not allow any type of sprinkle – we allow real flower petals but nothing else. Glitter is also a big NO for most venues whether inside or out.” – AL-RU Farm Pty Ltd

“We cannot allow candles due to our insurance and our venue being completely made of timber. Also, nothing is to be nailed or screwed into our beautiful walls.” – The Wild Goose at Noble Falls Estate

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