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It’s a classic picture, the two shining symbols of unending love entwined in the beautiful bridal bouquet, but have you ever wondered how and when to get a photo of your wedding rings with your wedding flowers?

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You probably won’t want to remove your wedding rings on your wedding day once you are pronounced husband and wife, but if you have the photos taken before the ceremony will the rings, the flowers, and the photographer all be in the same place at the same time?

Here are three ideas for having your wedding bands photographed with your bridal bouquet:

Option 1: With the bride before the ceremony

The ring photographs are often taken before the ceremony while the bride is getting ready. The photographer will probably be there anyway taking pictures of the dress, shoes, and hair style, and the bridal bouquet will be readily available.

This option only really works, however, if you are having a ring bearer or page boy carry your wedding rings down the aisle. If you are following this tradition the rings will be with the bride on the morning of the wedding, but if you aren’t having a ring bearer then the rings will probably be safely tucked away in the best man’s pocket.

Option 2: With the groom before the ceremony

If you aren’t having a ring bearer and the wedding bands will be with the groom or best man on the morning of the wedding, it might make sense to have the photos of the ring taken at the ceremony venue before the bride arrives. Admittedly the bridal bouquet will be absent, but there are bound to be similar floral arrangements in the ceremony venue that will work just as well.

The main downside to this option is that if you only have one photographer, you will need to choose between having photos of the bride and her father getting into the wedding car and having the wedding ring photos taken. The photographer won’t have time to get from where the bride is getting into the car to the venue, and take pictures of the wedding bands, before the bridal party arrives.


Option 3: With the newly weds after the ceremony

Most couples choose to have a private photo shoot with the photographer between the ceremony and the reception. If it isn’t possible to have the wedding ring photos taken before the ceremony then this is the ideal time as the two rings, the photographer, and the bridal bouquet will all be together.

Of course the main downside of this option is that you will need to temporarily remove your wedding bands which may seem a strange thing to do on your wedding day after so short a time as husband and wife.

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