The 73 emotional steps of planning a wedding

Wedding planning stress can bring up a lot of emotions. Sometimes you’ll want to scream and shout, sometimes you’ll want to jump for joy, and sometimes you’ll just feel totally over it. The good news? We’ve got this.

Most couples experience waves of emotions throughout the wedding planning process. Sure, all your friends have told you how fun weddings are. And it’s true. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most fun occasions you’ll ever host.

What your friends maybe haven’t told you is that it can also be pretty stressy. Everyone you know has opinions on where you should get married, how much money you’ll spend, who should be on your guest list, and so on.

Our lead wedding planner Darcy Allen, who organises our wedding packages, says, “The number one wedding planning tip I give everyone is to find your confidant. For most couples, that ends up being their wedding planner. When you have a wedding planner you really trust, you can go to them with any problem and they’ll talk you through your options and do the problem solving for you.”

If planning has you feeling overwhelmed, reach out to Darcy. She makes wedding planning stress something of the past by culling through the options for you to source your venue and book your dream team. All that *and* she acts as a sounding board throughout the planning process so you’ll always have someone with real industry experience to lean into.

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Here’s Darcy’s outline of the 73 stages of the wedding planning roller coaster.

  1. Get engaged
  2. Engagement bubble
  3. Lots of questions from friends and family
  4. Pinterest boards start
  5. Budget talk
  6. Guest list creation
  7. Venue hunt
  8. Send guest list to family
  9. Family add more people
  10. Reassess dream venue
  11. More budget talk
  12. Take a break from planning
  13. Pinterest board obsession really kicks in
  14. Supplier hunt
  15. Family and friends suggestions and opinions
  16. Take a break from the supplier hunt
  17. Supplier hunt
  18. Confirm some suppliers
  19. More budget talk
  20. More suggestions and opinions from others
  21. Elopement thoughts
  22. Pinterest board picks up again
  23. Rethink your decisions
  24. Supplier hunt
  25. Confirm some more suppliers
  26. Budget worries
  27. Guest list revised
  28. Styling kicks in
  29. Styling quotes
  30. Reassessment of styling ideas
  31. More styling quotes
  32. Styling confirmed
  33. More budget talk
  34. Midnight thoughts – have I forgotten anything?
  35. Realise something you’ve forgotten to include
  36. Organise thing you forgot
  37. Guest list finally confirmed
  38. Guest list sent to families again to check
  39. Families have more thoughts on the guest list
  40. Revisit elopement thoughts
  41. Guest list revised
  42. Guest list re-confirmed
  43. Invitations sent
  44. Run sheet draft
  45. RSVPs start coming back
  46. Seating charts created
  47. Seating charts sent to families
  48. Families have thoughts on the seating chart
  49. Seating chart revised
  50. Run sheet revised
  51. More RSVPs
  52. Final confirmations with suppliers
  53. More budget talk
  54. Run sheet revised
  55. Meeting with celebrant
  56. Legal documents completed
  57. Start thinking about vows and speeches
  58. Put vows and speeches on hold (too emotional)
  59. Run sheet confirmed
  60. Final numbers required
  61. Still waiting on some guests to RSVP
  62. Panic sets in
  63. Guests send last-minute dietary requirements
  64. Guest numbers finally confirmed
  65. Try to write vows and speeches again
  66. Have a big glass of wine and think ‘we should have eloped’
  67. Last-minute running around
  68. Pampering (we hope!)
  69. The ‘have I got everything’ thoughts
  70. The ‘stuff it, I’m exhausted and over it’ thoughts
  71. Morning of your wedding day – does the musician know this, did I remember to tell the venue this….
  72. Have a few glasses of bubbly and ‘too late now’ thoughts

Bohemian winery wedding

Photo by Nicola Lemmon. See this real wedding.

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