Wedding marquee types

If you have your heart set on getting married at an outdoor venue, such as the garden of your parent’s house, a local farmer’s field, or the grounds of a historic house, you will probably want to hire a wedding marquee. There are a variety of wedding marquee types to choose from, depending on the size and style of your wedding.

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If you already know what your wedding theme will be, you can choose your marquee accordingly. Otherwise you can use the marquee as a starting point and work out your theme from there.

Here are four popular options when looking for a wedding marquee to hire:

A framed marquee

Although a framed marquee is the most expensive option, it is worth it if your aim is absolute luxury and a glamorous setting for your big day. As the name suggests, they are built on a strong metal frame and come complete with hard floor and structured walls with windows. Air conditioning, lighting and heating are all incorporated into the marquee design.

A framed marquee is perfect for large formal weddings, especially in the winter months when there is more chance of rain, or in mid summer when you want your guests to stay cool. This type of marquee is usually large enough to section off various parts using extra walls, making a bar area, a dining area, and a dance floor. If you have a very large outdoor space available, a framed marquee could be the right choice for you.

A traditional canvas marquee

Traditional marquees are perfect for smaller wedding venues such as your own garden. They are more flexible than framed marquees as the sides can be removed in good weather, but they are not quite as wind and water proof should you be unlucky. They are erected on poles, with guy ropes and tent pegs to keep them upright and secure them to the ground.

A traditional canvas marquee would suit a garden themed wedding, where traditional afternoon tea is served. It can easily be accessorised with trailing flowers and wrought iron furniture to give a really pretty effect. It is the perfect choice for late spring, summer and early autumn, where guests can be both inside and out.

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A Bedouin or Indian tent

The structure of a Bedouin or Indian tent could be based on a frame, or a traditional poled design. It could even be an open pavilion or canopy. The difference with this style of marquee is the interior dTcor, which is exotic and luxurious, with rich colours and sumptuous Morocco or Indian fabrics draped across the ceiling and the walls.

Bedouin or Indian tents aren’t just suitable for weddings with these themes, they are perfect for any outdoor wedding where you want a quirky alternative to a traditional marquee, or for winter weddings where you want a warm and cosy ambience. Because the interior can be quite dark, they are usually most appropriate for an evening wedding. Furniture in a Bedouin or Indian tent tends to be lower, with cushioned areas on the floor for guests to recline, and low tables to serve food on.

A Tepee style marquee

Tepees are tents built on a tripod arrangement of poles, with interior guy ropes and exposed beams. Small Cowboy and Indian style teepees can be ideal for extra shelter if you are having your drinks reception outdoors, or for a full outdoor wedding hire Kata marquees which can be connected together to form a tent village.

Less formal than a framed or traditional canvas marquee, a tepee will provide a real talking point. They are a must for Western themed weddings but can also be used for beach weddings, or an informal summer barbeque.

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