Picture perfect wedding photography

Your wedding photographs will be the main keepsake you have of your wedding day so you’d like them to be exactly what you wanted. There are some things you can so your wedding day is picture perfect…

wedding photography

Grooms – don’t change your shaving routine on your wedding day; this can lead to unwanted rashes.

Brides – Have your hair and make-up completely finished by the time the photographer arrives. If things are running a bit late, simply ask the hair and makeup artist to finish you before the bridesmaids.

Before the wedding, practice posing in front of the mirror. The more relaxed you feel, the better the photos will be, so spend a bit of time getting comfortable with different looks and poses. Wear your veil and try different things using the veil as a prop.

False eyelashes are a girl’s best friend; they enhance your eyes in the photos, so if you can, use them. Try to avoid dark lipsticks – as they tend to fade throughout the day. Try not to overdo accessories/jewellery, as they can easily become a distraction; less is best!

Be careful about having your hair in an ‘up do’. Often they can be too severe. And why hide your crowning glory? Show it off, don’t hide it! In fact, don’t feel the need to drastically change your hairstyle from the way you’d normally wear it, as the new style may turn out to be disappointing.

While the photographer always takes a range of family photographs, he may not do all possible combinations, especially if some family members become separated. It’s a good idea to make a list of all the variations and commit someone who knows all family members by name to help arrange the groups for the photography..

Please pay attention to the photographer, especially during the family portraits. People are very excited at this time, but if everyone follows the photographer’s lead, things will run smoothly. It would be helpful if you can nominate someone from the bridal party to help keep everyone focused, so the photography is beautiful and quick.

Listen to the photographer’s advice. They are the professional and sees beauty in backgrounds that you may not consider. If you follow his lead, relax and genuinely have fun on the day, you can guarantee perfect wedding photography.

It’s a good idea to keep an ’emergency kit’ handy during the day. This way you can include a powder compact (to eliminate a shiny forehead or nose), hair spray, brush, lip stick for any touch ups during the day.

Be careful with spray-tan: It can appear orange in photographs, especially when compared to non spray tanned skin of others in the bridal party.

wedding photographer

A second pair of white shoes may come in handy for the location photographs, especially if you will walk on soil or sand. Shoes are barely visible and an alternative pair of shoes may also be more comfortable to wear.

Make sure you have enough drinks and food for you and the bridal party (try to avoid red drinks or red sauces in case of spilling). Some car hire companies may provide this (so it may be a good idea to check with them).

In case it rains, make sure you have enough umbrellas for the whole bridal party. You may want to check with the car hire company if they are providing umbrellas.

Bring along some money to spend on drinks and food, if a restaurant is visited.

In  winter, coats are a great way to keep you warm and smiling. This is particularly important for the girls, who often have only lightweight dresses and wraps.

Don’t chew gum on the day – chewing gum on the photo shots is not attractive.

Take and liberally use insect repellent. Ensure all people participating in the photography use it as well. A fly on the face is not a good look.

Article courtesy of Boxer Visual Photography and Video

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