Wedding photography: 21 fun bridal party photos

Bridal party wedding photos - cinematicbydavidm

We’re pretty sure this bride isn’t having an unplugged wedding! Image: Cinematic By DavidM

Of all the photos you’ll take on your wedding day, you want a few that truly stand out, especially amongst those taken with your bridal party who are, typically, your nearest and dearest. Here are 21 ideas for fun bridal party photos that you’ll have as much fun posing for as looking at.

Bridal party wedding photo - Alex M. Photography

Image: Alex M. Photography

This shot must have required some rather excellent timing – or it could have gone horribly, horribly wrong…

For couples who don’t take themselves too seriously, something fun like this unconventional photo shoot would be lots of fun to pose for.

Bridal party wedding photo -Ricky Stern Photography

Image: Ricky Stern Photography

The zombies are coming. The zombies are coming. The zombies are commmmmmmmmmmmming!

Fun wedding photography with your bridal party

Image: Ashlee Reid Photography

A very Brady idea…

Black and white is a classic wedding look that you can’t go wrong with, but there’s always room for a spot of fun. This groom opted for pink love hearts – and the picture of his boys getting ready for the big walk down the aisle is certainly a far cry from the typical shot of a groom and his best men!

funny wedding photos bridesmaids

Oh, how we LOVE this shot of a bride and her bridesmaids

Bridal party wedding photo - Angel Eyes Photography

Image: Angel Eyes Photography

This shot of a high-voltage bride is just a little bit shocking, really…

funny wedding photos

Image: Michah Bowerbank

Wedding photography. It’s all about perspective!

funny wedding photos with your bridal party

Thinking outside the box scored this wedding photographer a bridal party shot you don’t see every day!

This is clever. Rather than have the bridal party standing around the couple’s wedding car, the photographer shot the bridal party in the car – poking out from every opening.

The best part about this fun bridal party photo is that it doesn’t look posed, and probably wasn’t!

Bridal party wedding photo - Jeff Kolodny Photography

Image: Jeff Kolodny Photography

The youngest member of this bridal party is front and centre – and has some serious attitude.

Many hands make light work.

Bridal party wedding photo - Darwin Mulligan Photography

Image: Darwin Mulligan Photography

Proof that just because you’re getting married doesn’t, necessarily, mean you have to give up the little boy jokes.

funny wedding photos groomsmen

No matter how old they get…

A far cry from the usual very posed bridal party wedding photos, this one is just a casual shot of the group sitting around having a chat – and it’s quite lovely.

Bridal party wedding photo - frances comugnai photography

Image: Frances comugnai photography

The bride must feel pretty fortunate to be marrying the most evolved of this friendship group.

Well, it seems holding your wedding on a farm has plenty of benefits, including the opportunity for some truly eye-catching and unique bridal party photos!

Bridal party wedding photo - Plum Tree Studios

Image: Plum Tree Studios

OMG, guys, check out my bling!

Just. One. More. Kiss…


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