Bridal hair style examples and ideas

The wedding hairstyle you choose for your wedding day can alter your overall look and the feel of your bridal outfit. Whether you choose a classic up do, a short and sassy bob, or long flowing locks can really make a difference to your bridal style.

Bridal hair

Let’s take a look at the various options, with a few pointers for each.

The classic up do

Many brides choose an up do for their wedding because it adds glamour and elegance, and isn’t the sort of hairstyle you would wear every day. If you are having an up do you will want to have a couple of trials with your hair stylist to make sure you have a style you are happy with and can wear all day. Take along any wedding accessories you want to wear such as a tiara or veil, to make sure they fit well with the hairstyle.

Your wedding is a one off occasion so it is a great time to experiment with hairstyles that you haven’t worn before. If you don’t have enough hair to achieve the style you want, you could consider a hair piece to provide the necessary length or volume.

The current trend is to keep hair accessories simple, using a veil and comb, a single flower, or an individual clip. Depending on the style of your dress you may need larger jewellery, such as a necklace, with an up do to prevent you looking too bare around the neck and chest.

Short and sassy

There is a growing trend for brides to wear their hair short and cut into a sleek, sharp style. The key to a successful short bridal hairstyle is to work with your hair and your face shape, not against it. Enhance your hair’s best features; don’t try to make it something it’s not. Opting for a special version of your usual style is usually better than trying something totally different that will make you self conscious.

If you are having a short style make sure you have it trimmed, and if necessary coloured, around ten days before your big day. On the day you should have your hair professionally blow dried to make the most of the style, and use a shine spray to keep it gleaming all day.

Again, short styles work best with simple accessories such as a single clip or flower. Using an Alice band, with pearl or diamante detail to match your dress can make a contemporary and elegant alternative to a tiara, for short bridal styles. An Alice band will also work well with a veil.

Bridal hair

Long and loose

Currently curls are the key to long wedding hairstyles, partly because completely straight hair tends not to look great on your wedding photos. Large sculpted curls add glamour and volume, and are a very popular option, although there has been a recent trend for more relaxed bohemian style waves held back from the face with a simple clip.

If you don’t have naturally curly or wavy hair, ask your hair stylist for tips on getting your style to last all day. Brides with particularly thick or heavy hair might have trouble holding their curls for the entire wedding, but a good blow dry lotion and finishing spray should help. If you’d like a long loose style, but don’t want to grow your hair for the big day, you could consider having extensions to dramatically change your look.

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