Who sits on what tables at a reception?

Hi there. Can we get a basic idea of who goes on what tables at the reception? Is there an “order” to who sits closest to the front and the bridal table? Would love some ideas for groupings. Thanks.

Question Asked: 8/06/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Saltwater Restaurant Fingal Bay

Port Stephens

(8) Posted: 12/07/2021

Keep your family members close so they feel special on the day. Then fan out from your bridal table from extended family, friends and then colleagues. Where you seat your guests within a room will reflect your relationship to some of your guests so think about who is important to you and place them accordingly. 

NOAH'S on the Beach

Newcastle/Hunter Valley Port Stephens

(16) Posted: 11/06/2021

Hi there

it is entirely up to the couple how you group their guests.  As a general rule, the immediate family, parents, grandparents of the couple sit at the tables closest to the bridal table.  At our venue we assist our couples by providing them with a floor plan so they can allocate their seating .

i hope this helps

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Donnelly River Village

Margaret River / Bunbury

(11) Posted: 10/06/2021

With the majority of weddings at our venue, the bridal table is closest to the action. The bridal couple then chooses who they wish to have closest to them. 

Angourie Resort

Far North Coast / Byron Bay / Lismore / Yamba

(8) Posted: 10/06/2021

Thank you for your enquiry! Great question! Where you decide to seat your guests is completely up to you. If you were basing this decision on a traditional seating arragnements, than you would have family of the bride and groom closest to the bridal table, and seat other guests accordingly. Seating plans are highly recommended, and when hosting a wedding of up to 200 pax, it is vital in the organisational process for our events team. We can email you with some great ideas and resources in making this process alot easier for you. Feel free to email the Angouire Resort Event's Coordinator who will happily assist you, events@angourieresort.com.au, or call us on (02) 6646 8600. 

The Sebel Pinnacle Valley Resort

Victorian High Country

(12) Posted: 9/06/2021


Usually we have the bride, groom, bridesmaids and grooms men on the bridal table, then table one and two are usually for the bride and grooms immediate family.

This however is only a suggestion based of previous weddings. You may do your seating allocations however you wish!

Some couples don't even have a seating plan :)

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(6) Posted: 9/06/2021

Hi! Thanks so much for your enquiry. The honest answer is where you seat your guests is entirely up to you! Traditionally you would have the family of the bride and groom closest to the bridal party table, and the rest of the guests spread further back, but honestly there are no rules anymore! I would still recommend having a seating plan for the sake of the caterers. Having everyone pick a seat sounds fun, but it's a bit of an organisational nightmare in reality! I hope this helps :)

The Kooralbyn Valley

Brisbane & Gold Coast

(2) Posted: 9/06/2021

Hi There, 

Thanks for your question. Traditionally family members sit closest to the bridal table and then as you move back in the seating plan you sit your closest friends. Where you seat guests is completely up to you. 



Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney

Sydney & Surrounding Suburbs

(11) Posted: 9/06/2021

Generally, the family of the bride and groom are seated at the front of the room, closest to the bridal table. 

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