I can't decide! Round or rectangle tables?

What are the pros and cons of round or rectangle tables? What do most couples choose?

Question Asked: 3/04/2023

Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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The Savvy Squire

(0) · Sunshine Coast and Surrounds

Posted: 26/05/2023

Here at The Savvy Squire we have both round and rectangle tables available.

It depends on what function space you choose and the number of guests you are wanting to have.

Our round tables can cater for up to 10 people while the rectangle stand alone is 6-8 people.

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Hotel Realm

(52) · Canberra

Posted: 13/04/2023

Both round and rectangle options defintely have their benefits and let downs. Through my experiences most of our couples have opted for round, ocassionally we also have a mix! Below I have outlined some of the key points: 

Round Tables:

- The pros to round tables can include, the ease to converse and interact with more of your table companions, centrepieces can be more affordable as you need less  to compete the table, and they generally increase the capacity of your venue depending on the room style and layout

- The cons, generally come down to numbers and the dreaded seating chart! Sometimes you just cant get everyone that wants to sit together on the same table!

Rectangle Tables: 

-  Share platters can be more easily catered along a rectangle table, and  the ability to place more guests with the people you think they would enjoy sitting with are definitely some of the benefits of long tables 

-  Reduced capacity can be a con of usuing rectangle tables, as well as service restrictions, usually it is less efficient for your waitstaff to get around to everyone when long tables are used, 

Hope this helps! :)

Tindarra Resort

(11) · Australia Wide

Posted: 12/04/2023

Here at Tindarra we have both round and Rectangle , but we love to suggest the round tables to our wedding clients. Why you may ask ? Well whats better then sitting down at a round table having a share meal meeting new people that all have a connection to the wonderful couple tieing the knot that day. Round tables allow you to engage with everyone on your table with ease. 

Eaglereach Weddings & Events

(4) · Hunter Valley

Posted: 11/04/2023

Tocal Homestead has the option of both round tables and long rectangle tables. 

We find that most of our couples opt for rectangle tables. 

It's your special day, so make sure to make the decision you want, not just what other people think.

Camp David Farm

(6) · Daylesford/Macedon Ranges

Posted: 6/04/2023

Most of our couples choose rectangle tables. We prefer to offer tables that are 1.2 wide rather than the standard 800mm or 900mm. Rectangle tables allow guests to chat with other guests that are beside them aswell as opposite. Round tables are too wide to chat to the guests opposite as there is usually music in the background. Although you would think round tables are more sociable, rectangle tables are actually better for this purpose.

Sittella Winery & Restaurant

(54) · Perth and Surroundings

Posted: 4/04/2023

I would say 50- 50

SkyHigh Mount Dandenong

(87) · Dandenong Ranges and surrounds

Posted: 4/04/2023

At SkyHigh, we use round tables for your guests and a rectangular bridal table which works best with the shape of our room. We find the round banquet style tables to be more personal so your guests can interact with everyone on the table. Long rectangular tables can often feel like you are only able to speak with the few people next to or accross from you, however they can look absolutely beautiful if you prefer that look!

At the end of the day, it is absolutely up to you and your personal preference! Each venue will have their own recommendation depending on the layout of their room.

Tuggeranong Homestead + Events

(36) · Sydney, Canberra & ACT Wide

Posted: 4/04/2023

Tuggeranong Homestead has rectangle tables.  Its great for seating plans as you can have the flexibility of having different number of guests on each, from 4 guests to 10 guests

Highfields Cultural Centre

(18) · Toowoomba and surrounding suburbs

Posted: 4/04/2023

Round tables will allow your guests to mingle better as they can speak across the table, but remember to take this into account when choosing table decor as sometimes the centrepiece can block their view.

Long tables don't allow as much conversation, as you can really only chat with the people directly beside or across the table from you. They do however allow for some beautiful table decor options, such as long floral arrangements and greenery/runners.

It really depends on your own personal preference though, and often a venue will suit one style better than the other. Have a chat to your Function Coordinator and they should be able to help you decide.

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