What does an on-the-day wedding coordinator do?

Hi there. We were wondering if it's worth getting a wedding planner just to help us just on our wedding day, kind of take care of the small details and keep stress levels down. Is that what an on-the-day coordinator does? Thanks.

Question Asked: 24/05/2021 Wedding Date: 9/08/2018

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Beatrice Poni

Sydney / Hunter Valley / Blue Mountains

(0) Posted: 9/10/2021

An on-the-day wedding coordinator assists the bride and groom with insuring that their day is run smoothly. They assist with organising vendors and all of the behind the scenes work on your special day. This is a perfect option for couples who are organising their own wedding, because it allows the couple to enjoy their special day. As a bride, you do not want to be constantly looking over your shoulder or worrying about whether or not things will be done according to your preferences. Generally it does help if the couple and coordinator have been in contact throughout the process, in order for coordinator to understand the couple and their needs. 

EBB Events

Melbourne & Australia Wide

(2) Posted: 28/05/2021

Its is absolutely worth gettting a day-of wedding planner - I even had one for my wedding day!  A Day-Of Planner allows you to fully enjoy the day knowing everything is being taken care of, and you don't need to constatly answer all day.

What they do really depends on the planner you engage but should include:

  • managing all the logistics with suppliers
  • being the one point of contact for everyone (venue, suppliers, mum)
  • triple checking everything eg.  checking the florist has supplied everything and set it as per the agreement (and getting them to fix it if its wrong)
  • damage control - you don't need to know the car had a flat tyre on the way to picking you up, I've already arranged another car!
  • although you may have a co-ordinator with the venue (don't get me wrong, there are some incredible venue coordinators), but they are there to work FOR the venue.  A Wedding Coordinator is your advocate.
  • installing your DIY items (the easel you've bought through etsy, the special memorial tokens, the neon sign you've hired)
  • being there right until the end of the night (without additional charge!) to see you off
  • wrangle the people giving the speeches
  • keeping you calm!
  • queing the music before you walk down the aisle
  • basically, being the wedding day director


Socially Styled Events

Yarra Valley | Dandenong Ranges | Melbourne

(5) Posted: 25/05/2021

Of courseas a wedding coordinator we are all going to say it is absoloutely worth having us there on the day. Think about it more from the perspective of what would you do if you didn't have an on the day coordinator? Do you really want dear Aunty Flo to be responsible for making sure all the place cards are where they should be or would you rather she was socialising with the family. Do you really think your brother can manage all of the transport arrangements or would you rather he was able to relax with a beer or two and enjoy his sisters big day. When you employ an on the day coordinator you are not just getting an organised person who will connect with all of your vendors prior to the big day to make sure all is as it should be. you are getting a behind the scenes bestie, someone to calm your nerves before walking down the aisle, someone who you can turn to if you are feeling flustered knowing that they will present you with a friend;y, understanding, calm and well thought out response. An on the day coordinator is so much more for you as a couple than a person who makes sure place cards are where they should be. We are there for you in every way we can be. We want to see you start your marriage without the stress of your wedding.   

(0) Posted: 25/05/2021

Absolutely! Most wedding planners will offer an on the day coordination package, which is great for super organised couples who just need someone to help with set up and packdown, be the supplier liason and generally make sure everything runs to plan. I'm definitely biased, but I always recommend at least having an on the day coordinator to take that stress away from you both - means that you're not going to be fielding questions from suppliers on the day about set up, trying to set anything up or dealing with any issues that might arise.

Everyone has a slightly different process for this - at Little Things Events we will generally have a phone or video chat initially to make sure you're comfortable with the team, and then about 7-10 days out we'll meet face to face to step through your run sheet, handover details for your suppliers for us to touch base with, and then we're there at the rehearsal and dawn til stumps on the wedding day to make sure every detail is just right! My biggest advice when hiring a coordinator, is to make sure that you're finding someone that you like and trust and who understands your vision for the day. Good luck!

Mellyrain Events

Ballarat / Bendigo / Shepparton / Central Victoria

(7) Posted: 25/05/2021

Hi! I literally did a post explaing the difference between a wedding planner, wedding stylist and an on the day wedding coordinator yesterday! For us at Mellyrain Events, on the day coordination is all about having a dedicated team on your wedding day to ensure all your wedding planning and styling requirements are executed perfectly!? We work with couples in the months leading up to thier wedding to cover every single detail of thier day to ensure everything runs smoothly so the couple, their family and their guests do not have to worry about a thing!? It can literally be anything that is important to you. For example, one bride asked us to make sure all the groomsmen did not have their phones in their pockets during the ceremony. It may seem little, but it was super important to her so knowing we had this covered made her feel relaxed leading up to the ceremony.

White Foxx Events

Rockhampton / Bundaberg / Hervey Bay

(0) Posted: 25/05/2021

From what i can see every professional has their own way of performing this service. Myself; this service starts atleast 6 weeks out from your wedding day. We would schedule a handover meeting, i would contact your vendors to let them know i am the point of communication from now and on the day. I would assist with day of timeline, floorplan, seating plan. I do lots of little things in the foreground like fix dresses, veils, suites during photos, all the behind the scenes like setting up vendors, cleaning, ushering guests, making sure the cake etc has arrived on time and in the place we've discussed, ensuring the kitchen is kept up to date on the schedule so if you're running late back they will hold off on food if that has been previously agreed on. There are a million things we do for you and there's a million more noone even notices. I highly recommend sourcing a professional who has the mindset, skills, experince and tools to ensure a smooth running and stress free day for all. 
Trust me, there are so many tasks i missed. It would take all day to list each one but i hope that gave you a better idea and can make a more informed decision :) all the best xx 

Aimy Kay Weddings and Events

Adelaide and Surrounds

(5) Posted: 25/05/2021

Hi! Usually an on the day coordinator runs everything on your wedding day, solves any potential issues behind the scenes, communicates with your other suppliers and is the main point of contact for your guests. I've personally found an on the day coordinator is especially helpful to have for DIY weddings! 

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