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Little Things Events' Kiera Treloar wants you to have a laidback engagement and stress-free wedding planning process, filled with cake tastings and Pinterest scouring. This brilliant, Perth-based wedding planning business is led by an experienced event manager, and promises to tackle your wedding checklist so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your moment.

Perth’s Little Things Events is a highly-respected wedding planning and coordination company, with packages to suit all budgets and needs. Couples often come to think of Little Things Events as a lifesaver, with owner Kiera Treloar taking on all those not-so-fun tasks they’ve been procrastinating doing. Like making a run sheet. And coordinating wedding guest RSVPs. Liaising with suppliers. All the niggly, logistical parts of wedding planning that you could very much do without.

If you’re interested in getting a wee bit of help with wedding planning, Little Things Events is a fabulous choice. Not only is the owner a highly experienced event manager with a background in the media, but Kiera is willing to take on as many tasks as you can throw at her. So whether you simply need on-the-day coordination or full wedding planning, Little Things Events is a terrific fit.

"From the minute I booked Little Things I had no more stress around my wedding. They went completely above and beyond and I was able to enjoy my wedding day and the whole year leading up to it without a worry in the world" - Sarah

What you can expect when working with Little Things Events for your wedding:

  • Your checklist, taken care of. Little Things Events will plan as much or as little of your wedding as you’d like. They’ll do it efficiently, too, with this capable team well-versed in wedding planning.
  • Experienced event manager. Owner Kiera Treloar has more than 10 years of experience in event management and marketing, and has previously worked for a well-known Sydney media company, so you just know she’s hardworking, efficient, and oh-so-meticulous.

Here’s what else you need to know about Little Things Events.

  • Less stress, more joy. Once booked, you should breathe a really, really big sigh of relief, because Little Things Events will make your wedding planning journey a lot easier. This means more time for the fun aspects of wedding planning (trying on dresses, imagining your reception food, and practising table styling), and less effort spent on… budgeting.
  • Wedding packages. Little Things Events offers three packages at different price points, with one providing exceptional on-the-day coordination and another full wedding planning - sourcing the venue and all!

“We engaged Kiera for the complete planning package & she made the experience seamless, enjoyable & aligned to our brief to the tee. Kiera’s services are undoubtedly valuable & worth every last (yet very reasonable) cent." - Samantha 


Hi there! I'm Kiera, the owner of Little Things Events and I’ve been knocking around the events industry for well over a decade, and have been in weddings since 2019. I’m all about creating those core, lifelong memories, the ones you’ll tell your grandkids about.My mission is to help my clients organise beautiful events that represent them, and to make that planning journey stress free and joyful.

Kiera Treloar



Exclusive Offer
Walk Me Down the Aisle

Have you already organised the details of your big day, but don’t want to have to think about a thing on the day itself? I got you covered. From hanging the decorations and setting the tables, to cueing the music, I'll make sure each stage of your special day runs exactly how you imagined it.

I’ll meet with you prior to the big day, touch base with all of your suppliers, work with you to perfect your run sheet and be there at the rehearsal and on the day itself so that you can relax and celebrate in style. I got you covered.

Exclusive Offer
We Made Plans

Are you halfway there with planning, but starting to find it all a bit overwhelming in the final push towards your big day? I can step in half way and finish what you’ve started.

I'll take over liaising with the venue and suppliers you have booked,  book any final suppliers, coordinating guest RSVPs, food requirements and field all the final questions from everyone involved. I'll also work with you closely on the run sheet, as well as being there at the rehearsal and on the day to make sure it all runs smoothly so you can relax and soak it all in.

Exclusive Offer
Fly Me To The Moon

Do you want to be totally swept off your feet? Give me a brief of how you want your wedding day to be, and I’ll take care of absolutely everything, from finding you your dream venue, all the way through to making sure everything runs smoothly on the big day - meaning you can sit back, sip champagne, and enjoy the ride. 

Whatever it is you need, I’ll work closely with you every step of the way to make sure that your dream wedding becomes a reality. 

Exclusive Offer
Wedding Coaching

Event Coaching can be a great affordable halfway point for you, if you're keen to plan your own wedding, but have no idea how to get started. I’ll share with you my stress free process for building your dream wedding from the ground up, including sharing my key event templates for starting planning, tracking progress and setting, tracking and keeping to your budget, PLUS I'll check in with you along the way to make sure you’re on track for your wedding to be a stunning success. 

Coaching is perfect if you’ve got the drive and the time to create your own wedding magic, but just need a little bit of help moving in the right direction. 

If you book me for Coaching for your wedding. you'll also get 10% off the price of on the day coordination, meaning you get me at your rehearsal and wedding day to make sure everything you've so meticulously planned runs exactly like you dreamed it. Interested? Lets chat...


Service Area Perth



Well in a nutshell - EVERYTHING. A planners job is to make sure your journey to the end of the aisle is enjoyable, exciting and stress free, every step of the way. While you taste cake and browse Pinterest, your planner will be the one spending hours on the phone with suppliers, tracking every dollar spent and making sure every detail is exactly right. We're also the ones there at the crack of dawn on the wedding day meeting vendors, setting everything up, and basically making sure you don't have to think about a thing. 

You can also utilise most planners for on the day coordination only - perfect for the super organised or DIY couple who know exactly what they want, but don't want to be up early hanging decorations and setting tables on their big day. 

Thats okay! Want a bit more info, with absolutely no obligation or strings attached? Book in a free 15 min chat with me, and I'll give you a rundown of what a planner does, and chat to you about if its the right option for you! I'll also share some of my key tips on how to make your wedding a stunning success - planner or no planner! 

Event Coaching can be a great halfway point for you, if you're keen to plan your own wedding, but have no idea how to get started. I’ll share with you my stress free process for building your dream wedding from the ground up, including sharing my key event templates for starting planning, tracking progress and setting, tracking and keeping to your budget, PLUS I'll check in with you along the way to make sure you’re on track for your wedding to be a stunning success. 

If you book me for Coaching for your wedding. you'll also get 10% off the price of on the day coordination, meaning you get me at your rehearsal and wedding day to make sure everything you've so meticulously planned runs exactly like you dreamed it. Interested? Lets chat...

The absolute FIRST thing you should be doing when planning a wedding is setting up your budget and allocating costs to each item. Do some research to find average costs for each item, and make sure you include absolutely everything, from the venue down to the bombonaires. Once you've seen it all laid up, you can start to look at where you might be able to reduce costs if needed. Laying it all up like this also means you're not going to be surprised halfway through the process by a big bill, and you know exactly what you need to be saving to pay for your big day.

Sometimes, using a wedding planner can actually help you save costs (I know, sounds crazy right?) - BUT planners know all the pitfalls and surprise costs (after all, we've done it so many times), and we often have supplier rates in place with some preferred suppliers so can save you a few dollars along the way. 

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April 2024

“The best wedding ever.” We heard these words over and over and over again from our guests - and this would not have been possible without Kiera. Kiera took our brief and simply nailed it. As we live interstate, we relied on Kiera to deliver the wedding from start to finish. From day one, Kiera put us at ease. The suppliers that Kiera recommended were all excellent. Kiera kept us on task and informed. Kiera did an excellent job of knowing what decisions we should be involved with, and what should rest with her. And this all paid off. The ceremony, the dinner, and the disco dance floor were next level. Absolutely loved it. The day (and night) were perfect. Kiera was there to answer any question - but really we didn’t have many because of how well planned everything was. We can’t recommend Kiera highly enough. Thank you Kiera.

Chris O.

March 2024

Organisation, responsive, uses technology/tools, stayed in budget. Kiera was amazing, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend working with her. We wanted someone who knew the Perth wedding industry and could recommend great suppliers and our wedding went off without a hitch. I certainly didn't feel the stress involved organising a wedding like plenty of my friends and family have.

Sabrina B.

February 2024

Kiera, Talia and the team at Little Things Events were absolutely incredible for our day on 17/2/2024. We were originally on the fence about hiring a full planner and coordination package but it was one of the best decisions we made for our day. Kiera is endlessly knowledgeable about the industry and put together the most perfect day for us. She also put up with my never ending suggestions and questions! On the day, it was extremely hot, but Kiera and Talia worked tirelessly and as a result the day ran so smoothly, no detail missed. We got so many compliments on the day as a whole and that is a testament to Little Things Events. The attention to detail was insane and I will never be able to thank Kiera and the team enough for everything they did for us. Do not hesitate to book with them if you are looking for a planner, stylist or coordinator. Thank you so much Little Things Events xxx

Alice G.

October 2023

Kiera and Talia were incredible. Kiera was so organised and responsive ever since we reached out to her, and made sure our vision was super clear and achievable. She was so easy to deal with and made everything so stress free. Talia was our on the day coordinator and styled our reception, and she did the most amazing job. She made sure our vision came to life for both the ceremony and the reception, and no request was too much for her. She was so good with her communication and made everything run so smoothly on the day.

Melissa O.

February 2023

Kiera provided us with Full Service Planning & Styling for our wedding at Mandoon Estate on 3/2/23, and my new wife and I could not recommend her more! Kiera was an absolute pleasure to deal with throughout the planning process and on the day itself - nothing phased her and she has excellent contacts/recommendations in the industry. There were many moments we said “thank goodness for Kiera!” Our wedding day was utterly magical and Kiera absolutely nailed the brief! Having Kiera there coordinating everything seamlessly meant that we could take in every moment of our beautiful wedding, without any stress, and just enjoy it all! She even brought us gelato on the dance floor to make sure we got some. Kiera is an absolute legend, a wonderful wedding planner and a genuinely lovely human being. (Also a true ally).

Rosalie P.

Expert Advice

expert advice

As a wedding professional, Little Things Events offers expert advice to help couples plan their perfect day. Ask a question or read their expert advice.

Get Expert Advice

How do I create a timeline for the wedding day?

I don't know how long everything is going to take so how do I know how to plan out my day? I'm having a winter wedding so I want to do most of the photos before the ceremony. I want to get married during the "golden light" hours so at about 5PM so the reception can follow immediately after.

Little Things Events

Hey India,

Creating your timeline can be so tricky! My recommendation is to start with what you DO know (ceremony start time, reception start time, food service etc) and then start to build out from there.

Chat to your suppliers about how long they need for their elements (how long your hairstylist needs to do each head of hair, how long the florist needs to set up the venue, how long the caterers need between courses) and add their timings in. If you start nice and early and just keep adding to it, you'll see it start to come together as you get closer. 

I've written a blog about it on my website that might also help - https://www.littlethingsevents.com.au/blog/how-to-the-run-sheet-edition 

And if you're feeling really stuck, you could consider reaching out to a wedding planner in your local area for help. 

All the best with your planning!

Kiera xx

India M

Which suppliers need to come to the wedding rehearsal?

What needs to be rehearsed at the rehearsal dinner? Do suppliers get involved or is it mainly for the wedding party?

Little Things Events

Usually the wedding rehearsal is the bridal party and the person performing the ceremony (celebrant, priest, sheik etc), and if you have a wedding planner or on the day coordinator, it's a really good idea to get them along also. The main goal of the rehearsal is that everyone knows how the ceremony is going to flow - think of it like a mini dress rehearsal! If you have anyone outside of the bridal party involved for example doing readings or signing your papers, it can be a good idea to get them involved also if they are available. 

Good luck with the big day!

Kiera (Little Things Events)

Advice for getting married at an AirBnB

We’re hoping to get married at an Air BnB - and make a wedding weekend out of it. Are there any logistical things that we need to think about that would be different from getting married at a traditional wedding venue? Things we need to consider?

Little Things Events

Helly lovely, this can be such a wonderful way to have a beautiful intimate wedding! A few things I would recommend checking into are:

  1. Firstly, do they allow events and weddings - absolutely 100% make sure they are across your plans, and keep them updated as you go so there are no crossed wires, and you don't get shut down half way through the night
  2. What restrictions there might be decoration wise - things like what you can hang (fairy lights, festoon lights etc), what materials you can use (glitter, petals, rice etc) and structurally what you can and can't do (if you're thinking of bringing in a marquee or tipi for example)
  3. Noise restrictions - being a residential property, how close are the neighbours, and what are the sound restrictions? Do you need to start earlier and finish at 10pm? If you are bringing in a DJ or band how will they monitor their sound level? Again, it would be awful to have a sound complaint interrupt the party!
  4. Parking - how many cars can the property fit and what are the nearby parking options like? Do you need to look into a group transport option such as a bus?
  5. Kitchen facilities - try to arrange a time for your caterer to see the kitchen space in person ahead of the big day so  you know if there is anything additional that you need to bring in so that they can get food out at the required times? 
  6. Bond and clean up - who is doing the clean up after, are you hiring a company to do it or managing yourselves? What does the bond look like for any damages and breakages and how will you manage this with your guests to ensure the property is respected?

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions about how to arrange anything! Good luck with your planning. xx

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