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Recently asked questions

Updated : 15/10/2021

I don't know how long everything is going to take so how do I know how to plan out my day? I'm having a winter wedding so I want to do most of the photos before the ceremony. I want to get married during the "golden light" hours so at about 5PM so the reception can follow immediately after.
4 answers

Updated : 8/07/2021

What needs to be rehearsed at the rehearsal dinner? Do suppliers get involved or is it mainly for the wedding party?
6 answers

Updated : 15/06/2021

Hidden costs of weddings
Hi there. What are some hidden costs of weddings that we might not know about upfront? Trying to work out our budget. Thank you!
1 answers

Updated : 8/06/2021

Hi, I’ve had a beautiful seating chart made and now, some of the guests have let us know they can’t come. What do people normally do in this situation? Leave the sign as it is even though it’s wrong, or somehow cross guests off? Or do people pay for a new sign!?
3 answers

Updated : 27/05/2021

We’re hoping to get married at an Air BnB - and make a wedding weekend out of it. Are there any logistical things that we need to think about that would be different from getting married at a traditional wedding venue? Things we need to consider?
3 answers

Updated : 24/05/2021

Hi there. We were wondering if it's worth getting a wedding planner just to help us just on our wedding day, kind of take care of the small details and keep stress levels down. Is that what an on-the-day coordinator does? Thanks.
7 answers

Updated : 13/05/2021

Apart from the obvious things that you have to do for your wedding, what are some of the lesser known last minute things we may need to think of before the wedding? We don’t want to forget anything!
2 answers

Updated : 29/04/2021

I wasn't sure whether this is a tradition of some kind? If so, what kind of gift would be appropriate and how much?
4 answers

Updated : 22/02/2021

For our wedding, we want our guests to have the best time, we figure if they're having a great time, so will we. We've got our ideas, having been to weddings ourselves, of what makes the overall experience an awesome one... but would love to hear all perspectives, please!
4 answers

Updated : 5/02/2021

Is this weird? I feel strange about it!
10 answers